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Grade 2021 Tsinghua University Electronic Information Welcome Conference was successfully held

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On the morning of September 3rd, 2021, the orientation meeting of electronic information in Tsinghua University was held in Roma Building. Wang Yu, chief professor of electronics, director of electronics department, Wang Guangzhi, director of biomedical engineering department, Jin Depeng, party secretary of electronics department, Huang Yidong, deputy director of academic committee, Li Dongmei, deputy director of electronics department, Wu He, deputy director of electronics department, Deng Beixing, deputy director of electronics department, Shen Yuan, student group leader of electronics department, Li Yue, head teachers and counselors of freshmen, and all freshmen of electronic information class attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Li Yue, the student group leader of the Department of Electronics.

First of all, Wang Yu, chief professor of electronic information and head of the department of electronics, delivered a speech. Starting from the development situation of electronic information field, from "the engine leading the development of the times" to "the key to strengthening the country with science and technology", Wang Yu explained in simple terms the wide application of electronic information technology in scientific research, social and economic development, national strategic needs, people's life and health, etc. In the part of "Let's be better ourselves", Wang Yu encouraged the students in the first class to "recognize the historical position and think about who to study for; Dig into infinite life and think about how to learn; Thick accumulation can make thin hair, thinking about what to learn. " I hope that students can really find themselves in at least 4 years' study and life of electronic information.


Speech by Wang Yu, Dean of the Department of Electronics

Wang Guangzhi, head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, told you about the similarity and correlation between life technology and electronic information technology through vivid examples such as mr system and radar detection system, and affirmed the development prospect of biomedical discipline. At the same time, he also called on the freshmen of the one-word class to develop in an all-round way in college life, and looked forward to the students coming to the Department of Biomedical Engineering for research and study.


Speech by Wang Guangzhi, Dean of the Department of Biomedical Engineering

Huang Yidong, deputy director of the academic committee of the university, made a deeper interpretation of "why", "what" and "how" in his speech. In combination with the current international situation and the urgent needs of the country in the field of electronic information, Huang Yidong encouraged the students to "combine their own development with the interests of the nation", be diligent, not afraid of difficulties, and strive to become pillars of material that can contribute to the country.


Speech by Huang Yidong, Deputy Director of Academic Committee of the University 

Liu Kun-chan, the student representative and president of the Students' Union of the Department of Electronics, delivered a speech entitled "One Step, Another Step". "Every step is a story, and every step is a growth." As a senior and an experienced person, he told the younger brothers and sisters who had just entered the university hall about the challenges and difficulties they might encounter during their study and growth. "Those days that have never danced are the disappointment of life." Liu Kun-chan encouraged freshmen to set long-term goals and take every step at their feet. "This is the return journey and a new start."


Speak on behalf of student Liu Kunzan.

Hu Yixun, a freshman and a freshman in the electronic department, shared his thoughts and feelings as a freshman. He talked about his unforgettable summer school experience, telling the feeling that his dream suddenly became a reality; He also talked about his thoughts on learning and growth, recalled the history of Tsinghua's struggle for the country of the older generation, and even called on everyone to hold the baton of the new era, "Don't ask the west and the east, just follow your dreams."


Speaking on behalf of freshman Hu Yixun 


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