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National-level high-tech enterprise, obtained dozens of IC design patents

Slkor’s technical personnel come from Tsinghua University of China and Yonsei University of South Korea, absorbing overseas senior technical talents. Slkor is a company driven by new material, new process and new product, which masters the international-leading third generation technology of SiC MOSFET and the fifth generation technology of ultra-fast power recovery diode.

National-level high-tech enterprise, obtained dozens of IC design patents

Peace of mind with our powerful R&D team!
Our core team comprises members from Tsinghua University, UESTC and expatriates.

Besides RoHS and REACH certification, Slkor was awarded as "the Most Popular Domestic Brand Enterprise" by Huaqiang Electronics World and "Growing Star" at 2021 Lichuang Mall Supplier Conference.

We provide SiC diode, SiC MOS tube, IGBT and other high-end products for new energy vehicles, communication power equipment, solar photovoltaic, UPS power supply, medical equipment and other fields.

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Various products to provide you with professional technical support

Apart from industrial products such as SiC diode, SiC MOSFET, IGBT, the fifth generation of ultra-fast recovery power diode and other high-end series,we focus on the R & D and manufacture of consumer products such as SCR, rectifier bridge, MOS tube of high and low voltage, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, Schottky diode, electrostatic protection ESD diode, transient suppression TVS diode, universal diode, triode, power management and other IC products.

There are a number of automatic production lines, including microwave anechoic chamber, network analyzer, high-speed oscilloscope, salt fog testing machine, high and low temperature testing cabinet and other equipment.

Let you feel relieved with perfect after-sales service system!
Scientific and perfect service team to relieve your worries

Slkor guarantees its product quality, our professional pre-sales and after-sales service team quickly respond to your questions.

We provide professional technical consulting service for electronic engineers so that customers have no worries.

With the strong support of corporate culture, Slkor adheres to the "integrity", "progress", "tenacity", "detail" of the company philosophy, pays attention to the corporate ethics, and advocates mutual development, win-win cooperation, in order to constantly promote the brand reputation of "Slkor", create value for employees, customers and society.

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co.,Ltd.whose technical elites are from Tsinghua University in China and Yonsei University in South Korea, masters the international leading third generation semiconductor technology of SiC power device, therefore there factors made the company: new materials, new technology and new products. Slkor’s products can be divided into three major IC series: diodes and transistors, power devices, and power management chips. Slkor has developed from a single IP design company into a national high-tech enterprise covering the design, R&D, production and sales service, now "Slkor" its brand is gaining good reputation in the semiconductor industry. And its official website has gradually become one of the most important platform for collaborative development of the semiconductor industry , which not only promotes Slkor’s products and publicizes "Slkor" brand, but also carries out the industrial technology and information exchange, collision of ideas, and data query, etc.


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ISO9001 Certificate

ISO9001 Certificate

SGS Report of Slkor

SGS Report of Slkor

SGS Report of Slkor

SGS Report of Slkor

The "Growing Star Award" of 2021  Lichuang's Supplier Conference

The "Growing Star Award" of 2021 Li……

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