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Aerospace Science and Industry Group Shenzhen Research Institute investigating SlkorMicro

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On March 19, 2021, the leaders of the Shenzhen Aerospace Technology Research Institute (http://www.casic.com.cn) inspected the Golden Airlines Standard Electronics Company. In a warm and warm atmosphere, we communicated about the application of KINGHELM products and its SLKOR's silicon carbide MOS tube, TVS tube ESD tube and other products in commercial aerospace and supporting products. It will carry out practical business cooperation.



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Mr. Liu Zhiyong, Director of the Greater Bay Area Project Department of Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute (www.szgs.casic.cn), led by Zhou Lei, Greater Bay Area Project Manager, Chen Lu, Project Director of Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute, and Li Zhao from the Industrial Development Department , at 15 o'clock in the afternoon came to the golden navigation mark company on time. After Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Kinghelm, introduced the situation of the company, Cheng Yujie, deputy general manager of Kinghelm, systematically introduced the Beidou GPS military-grade antenna connectors and other products newly developed by the "kinghelm" brand, and made an introduction to the development direction and strategic layout of Kinghelm. explained. Li Zhao from the Industrial Development Department of Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute also introduced the situation of Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute in detail to the Jinhangbiao conference team and the purpose of this visit to Kinghelm. Liu Zhiyong and Zhou Lei also inquired in detail about the technical background of the key team members of Jinhangbiao Company, testing and production equipment, customer information, microwave and radio frequency technology reserves, etc. Kinghelm also responded truthfully. Afterwards, Liu Zhiyong from the Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute and others browsed the qualifications and honors and Beidou patents and other certificates obtained by Jinhangbiao in recent years, and observed and experienced the Beidou antenna, Beidou smart terminal, and Beidou 5G navigation, positioning and communication combination A shark fin antenna and other products.



Liu Zhiyong of Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute and others were also very interested in the silicon carbide sic products of slkormicro, a subsidiary of Kinghelm. Mr. He Junju, the marketing director of Slkor, introduced the silicon carbide sic of slkor (www.slkormicro.com). The material process and application market of mos tube field effect tube. Mr. He Junju said that the technical backbone of the slkor team is from Magna, Infineon, Mitsubishi, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor and other leading technology companies in the industry. The "SLKOR" brand was founded in 2005, specializing in power components. Design, production and sales. Mainly produces MOS field effect transistor, COOLMOS, power management IC, FRD, Hall switching element, thyristor, SCR, IGBT single tube, SiC silicon carbide components, tvs diode esd diode, ldo and so on. In 2010, it began to develop and produce the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide SiC components. Materials such as silicon carbide substrates come from major American manufacturers. Sac Micro's design concept, processing technology and product performance are among the top in the world. SLKOR's MOS tubes are widely used in lithium battery protection boards, intelligent sweeping robots, TWS Bluetooth headsets, electronic cigarettes, outdoor lighting and other industries. Silicon carbide SiC devices, esd diodes, tvs diodes are mainly used in the field of energy Internet, and the application industries include charging piles, new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, high-power switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies, etc. Slkor's silicon carbide sic mos field effect tube products It has been sold in large quantities on e-commerce platforms such as Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc.com), Weixiang Mall, Hard City, Baidu baidu Ai Sourcing, Jingdong jd e-commerce platform, and Alibaba 1688.


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Mr. Song Shiqiang of Kinghelm said that since kinghelm (www.BDS666.com) entered the Beidou antenna communication cable industry, it has maintained friendly cooperation with Aerospace Science and Industry Group. In the past, a large number of Beidou GPS RF chips from Xi'an Aerospace Huaxun, a subsidiary of Aerospace Science and Industry Group, were purchased, combined with Beidou baseband chips from Beidou Corecom and the algorithm software of Golden Beacon, which were processed and integrated into the Beidou navigation module of the "kinghelm" brand. Cooperate with the Beidou antenna cable connector, automobile wiring harness and other products of Jinhangbiao to hit the market together, and the products have also entered the China Ordnance Group, Nanjing Jinlong, BYD byd, Nanjing Ford Motor, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, etc. With the increasing development of Beidou satellite system BDS The more mature the application market of Beidou is, the bigger the cooperation between the two parties will be in the future. It can also drive slkormicro's silicon carbide sic products into the automotive automotive pre-installation market, high-end power inverters, high-power power tools, sweeping robots and other markets.

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Aerospace Science and Industry Shenzhen (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Group Company") is a company established by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Aviation Technology Research Institute, Guizhou Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Industry Defense Technology A large group company jointly funded and established by the Research Institute and Tiantong Computer Application Technology Center. The group company consists of a core layer (group headquarters), a close layer (holding company), and a non-close layer (joint stock company). The group company is based on advanced manufacturing Based on building the company's core competitiveness, focusing on cultivating and developing smart grids, commercial air conditioners, precision tools, satellite receivers and other products, and cultivating the pillar industries of advanced manufacturing; The foundation of the company's development, through the balanced development of foreign trade, real estate, and tourism business, provides a solid guarantee for the company's subsequent development. The group company attaches great importance to the unity of maximizing value, and strives to increase corporate value to meet the requirements of shareholder value and personal value, and at the same time increase social value. Develop trade business to enlarge the company's operating scale, develop real estate property and tourism service business to enhance the company's profitability. The group company will establish a well-known service brand through efficient integration of social resources, and can become a large-scale company with competitive strength and profitability and sustainable development. The company hopes to become a group company with self-owned technology as the foundation, specialized manufacturing as the leading, modern service industry as the auxiliary, combining technology, industry and trade, with strong competitiveness and profitability.



Mr. Liu Zhiyong said that the Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute has always maintained a strong interest in new materials, new technologies, new products and new applications, and is an industry pioneer of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group. This time, I have a certain understanding of the Beidou B3 frequency military-grade antenna of the Golden Navigator and the silicon carbide sic, ESD tube TVS tube of Sakormicro (www.slkormicro.com), etc. These projects and technical directions are also aerospace science and industry. Regarding the development layout and the direction of industrial ecological investment, the two parties will need to strengthen communication and interaction in the future. Shenzhen Institute of Aerospace Industry Technology will definitely have great cooperation with kinghelm and slkor in the future. slkormicro Semiconductor's R&D personnel and marketing and sales personnel also participated in the reception.

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