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Golden Beacon Electronics Song Shiqiang Beidou Nine Questions and Nine Answers (8)

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Interviewees: Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhangbiao Electronics, and Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. have been working in the Beidou GPS antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years. The brand "kinghelm" is well-known in the Beidou navigation and positioning RF microwave industry. A series of Beidou products are used in automotive electronics, navigation and positioning antennas, long-wave timing antennas, and microwave radio frequency cable industries. The official account of "Beidou Expert" operated by Jinhangbiao vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou science and Beidou, speaks well about people and things about Beidou, and cheers for the development of Beidou, not only as a business, but as a lifelong career. Jinhangbiao (www.BDS666.com) is an enterprise developed from Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring for the development and transformation of Huaqiangbei, writing a lot of articles for Huaqiangbei, and speaking out for purifying the business environment of Huaqiangbei , I hope that Huaqiangbei will become a representative of Shenzhen's prosperity and a beautiful business card for displaying the achievements of reform and opening up. Mr. Song Shiqiang also actively provided suggestions for Shenzhen's economic development and institutional reform. Many research articles were published in authoritative media in China, providing new ideas and opening new perspectives for Shenzhen's urban economic development and institutional reform.
Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm Kinghelm, was in Huaqiangbei Office in the early days of his business


Media interviews: No. 1 Xinwen Road is a media affiliated to ICeasy (www.iceasy.com), focusing on reporting figures, events and products in the semiconductor chip industry. Follow-up content will be published in "China Electronic Business" magazine

Song Shiqiang of the Golden Navigator on the Beidou Nine Questions and Nine Answers (8):

Which product of Kinghelm is the most popular? Please explain why.

I think this question needs to be answered in three parts, that is, the three time periods of the popular products of Jinhangbiao before, now and in the future.

In the past few years, the best products sold by the Kinghelm brand of the company are the GPS Beidou dual-mode car antenna and the matching car ipex connector board terminal block. The non-standard ceramic sheet of this product, from the formulation of ceramic powder, ceramic sheet mold opening, debugging, silver paste printing, welding detection of connecting line with PCB board, and custom mold opening of non-standard private mold plastic shell, are all made by The R&D team of Jinhangbiao completed it independently. At the beginning, it cooperated with the channel sales of the "two customers and one danger" department standard machine, and supplied the Beidou GPS antenna connection board terminal sockets for the Beidou industry, such as Youwei Information, Huabao Technology, Boshijie, Meiligao, and ZTE IOT. And so on, with the vigorous expansion of the market of Beidou antenna products of the Golden Navigation Beacon, it has gradually entered the automotive pre-installation market or become a secondary supplier of parts and components for the complete vehicle. The main customers of Jinhangbiao are Nanjing Jinlong, Nanjing Ford and Sinotruk headquartered in Jinan, most of which are used in special vehicles. The quality of Jinhangbiao Beidou products has passed the strict automotive-grade certification, and the company has steadily improved in terms of supply chain management, incoming material management, product standardization, quality control, product consistency and business services for customers. Jinhangbiao, Shaanxi Automobile Group, BYD Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, etc. have begun to cooperate with small batches of supply, waiting for the opportunity to have large batch orders!

Kinghelm Beidou GPS dual-mode vehicle internal and external satellite navigation and positioning antenna series developed and produced by Golden Navigator


At present, the market response of the new product ipex radio frequency socket launched by Kinghelm has been very good. The full name of ipex radio frequency socket is the first generation IPEX board-side patch antenna socket of radio frequency coaxial, the model is KH-IPEX-K501-29, which is widely used. Apply PCBA/FPC board-to-board connection, Beidou GPS intelligent terminal, smart city, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, automotive electronics and other products and industries, and benchmark Hirose HRS's U.FI-R-SMT, I-PEX brand 20314 -001E-01 and GIGALANE's CMJ-S01-001 are the most popular products of Jinhangbiao in Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc.com).
Kinghelm's new product ipex RF board terminal block UFL connector is sold in Lichuang Mall
Kinghelm (www.BDS666.com) also launched a new RF SMA connector adapter female, the model is KH-SMA-K513-G, which can be compared with the SMA products of Hirose HRS Murata MURATA, suitable for various types of electronic products.  

Song Shiqiang, general manager of Jinhangbiao, and Zhang Yinying, deputy general manager of Lichuang Mall, attended the signing ceremony of Jinhangbiao's Sako Micro Agency

Entering the information society, there are more and more 3C digital products and intelligent information terminals, and there are more and more information transmission and delivery scenarios. The market prospect is getting better and better. Jinhangbiao has developed a variety of Type-C connectors for this purpose, including Type-C connectors such as STM sinking board, STM sinking board short body SMT, etc., as well as Hybird double-row SMT waterproof (waterproof grade IPX4-IPX7) applied to sinking board ) Type-C connector, etc. It can provide customers with customized drawings or customized Type-C connectors for integrated terminal products.

Kinghelm's new product KH-TYPE-C-16P type Type-C connector

Finally, let's talk about the future product layout of our Golden Beacon (WWW.BDS666.COM). As the Beidou BDS system matures and my country's comprehensive national strength becomes stronger and stronger, the game between my country and the United States will become more and more tough and comprehensive. The industry will be greatly invested, developed and upgraded. Jinhangbiao has built a high-performance microwave far-field darkroom in its Tangxia factory, and purchased experimental instruments such as network analyzers, salt spray testers, temperature and humidity double 85 testers, and high and low temperature testers. For the industry and other special industries, a series of products such as Beidou B3 frequency bomb-borne high-precision antennas and non-standard customized connectors and wire ends have been developed, which are also the focus of Jinhangbiao's future efforts. These products have high precision and good quality, and are currently in the bidding of several units. With the development of Golden Navigator and the enrichment of Beidou Navigation Positioning and Navigation Connector products, Golden Navigation will continue to strengthen the research and development and business of products such as long-wave antenna, Roland C antenna, Beidou timing antenna, geomagnetic antenna, and anti-jamming Beidou antenna RF cable. Expand, and some of these will become the new hot products of the Golden Navigation Beacon!



Beidou B3 frequency bomb-borne high-precision antenna developed by Kinghelm Golden Beacon

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