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Golden Airlines Bid Song Shiqiang's Beidou Nine Questions Nine Answers (2)

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Interviewee: Song Shiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.BDS666.com)

金航标电子总经理 宋仕强 先生 

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhangbiao Electronics

Mr. Song Shiqiang and Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. have been working hard in the Beidou GPS antenna RF connector industry for more than ten years. The brand "kinghelm" is well-known and influential in the Beidou navigation and positioning RF microwave industry. The KH series Beidou products are used in automotive electronics, navigation and positioning antennas are well-known and influential in the long-wave timing antenna and microwave radio frequency cable industry. The "Beidou Expert" official account operated by Jinhangbiao vigorously promotes the promotion of Beidou science and Beidou, people and things about Beidou, and cheers for the development of Beidou, not only as a business, but as a cause. Jinhangbiao is an enterprise developed from Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang has been thinking and exploring the development and transformation of Huaqiangbei. He has written a lot of articles for Huaqiangbei, and speaks loudly for purifying the business environment of Huaqiangbei. He hopes that Huaqiangbei will become Shenzhen City. A representative of prosperity and a beautiful business card for the achievements of reform and opening up.

Interview media: "No. 1 Xinwen Road" magazine, a media of ICeasy (www.iceasy.com), focuses on reporting people, events and products in the semiconductor chip industry.

Song Shiqiang's Nine Questions and Nine Answers No. 2:

Could you please introduce the positioning of the Golden Navigation Beacon in the Beidou industry chain?

To talk about the positioning of Golden Beacon in the Beidou industrial chain, in order to facilitate everyone's understanding, we will introduce our Beidou industrial chain, and also refer to the American GPS industrial chain.




Golden beacon kinghelm glue stick antenna WiFi antenna 2.4G antenna FPC antenna


The Beidou satellites that transmit signals in the sky and the rockets that send Beidou satellites to the sky are basically the two major groups of large central enterprises Aerospace Science and Technology and Aerospace Science and Technology. The aerospace system has a stable and mature supply chain system with internal circulation. In order to ensure safety, each key node has redundancy and backup. Unless external units have competitive technologies and products, it is difficult to participate in the aerospace market. In recent years, for the technical team in the ecological chain outside the system, they have packed it up.


金航kinghelm 北斗模块天线射频连接线端子 

Jinhang kinghelm Beidou module antenna RF cable terminal

The application of Beidou has shifted from the sky to the ground, and the market is divided into two types: and civilian. Because of technical thresholds and qualification barriers, the high-tech, sophisticated and profitable markets are also in the hands of state-owned enterprises and enterprises, such as Beidouxingtong, Chengdu Guoteng Electronics, Higer Satellite, and relevant research institutes affiliated to China Electronics Technology. High-precision maps, hydrological geospatial mapping, etc. are still in the hands of highly specialized companies and university research teams.



Beidou antenna display wall at the Kinghelm factory

The Beidou industrial chain is mainly divided into three major links: upstream basic electronic components, midstream Beidou navigation and positioning data terminals, and downstream geographic location data operation services. The upstream basic components are mainly Beidou chip modules, boards, Beidou antennas and other basic components. Beidou chips are divided into radio frequency chips and baseband chips, and then combined and packaged to become Beidou modules. OEM boards were previously occupied by overseas companies such as Trimble, NovAtel and Javas, and now domestic companies have gradually broken through technology monopoly and started to develop.




Our Golden Beacon (www.BDS666.com) is the Beidou antenna. In the field of civilian use, the market has a good prospect. In recent years, Beidou has developed very well, with an annual compound growth rate of 40%. The "kinghelm" BDS satellite navigation vehicle antenna, wifi antenna, antenna cable, Beidou GPS antenna, TWS Bluetooth headset ceramic antenna, FPC antenna, board end sockets and other type-c connectors, etc., which have been successfully developed by Jinhangbiao. In Beidou satellite navigation and positioning, Beidou signal microwave radio frequency communication signal connection and transfer, etc., benchmarking TE Tyco connector and Molex Hirose HRS Foxconn Luxshare Precision and other domestic and foreign brands. Beidou BDS and the US GPS system, Russia's GLONASS, Europe's Galileo navigation system, have the same technology in microwave radio frequency signal transmission. The products of our accumulated technology can be used in general, which can help the golden beacon to open international satellites soon. communications market.




Golden beacon kinghelm Beidou GPS antenna ceramic series

For the industry and special industries, Jinhangbiao has developed the Beidou B3 frequency bomb-borne high-precision antenna and non-standard custom connector wire ends, which are also the focus of Jinhangbiao's future efforts. These products have now been awarded in units. The company will continue to strengthen the research and development and business expansion of high-precision products, such as the long-wave timing antenna Roland C antenna geomagnetic navigation antenna. For the B3 frequency band dedicated antenna of BDS Beidou dedicated to the "Belt and Road" allies, Jinhangbiao has also developed a series of antenna products.


The Beidou GPS dual-mode antenna supplied by Kinghelm for Sinotruk

The civil Beidou GPS antenna connector has a large volume, but the antenna cable connector is of high value. At present, the golden beacon is still accumulating and developing continuously.

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