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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. With an elite team graduated from Beijing Tsinghua University and Seoul Yonsei University, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the third generation semiconductor SiC power devices. We are strong on the relevant methodologies: new materials, new technologies and new products. Our products cover discrete devices and ICs, diodes, transistors, power devices, and power management chips. Starts from an IP design house, our company is now a national high-tech enterprise covering the R&D, production and sales service of semiconductor devices. Our brand "Slkor" is gaining better and better reputations in the semiconductor industry. And our official website has become an important platform for the industry partners, which not only promotes Slkor’s products and brands, but also provides communications and sharing of the technologies, information, ideas, data query, experts, etc.


At Slkor, we are working hard to provide professional and comprehensive services.

We have a complete product line ranging from the industrial applications to the military applications, SiC diodes, SiC MOSFET, IGBT, the 5th generation ultra fast recovery power diodes, etc. These products are vitally applied in electric vehicles, high-end equipments, communication equipments, electric power tools, solar photovoltaic systems and medical equipments and so on.

For consumer products, we offer high and low voltage MOS, SCR, rectifier bridges, Schottky diodes, ESD protection diodes, TVS diodes, general-purpose diodes and transistors, power management ICs, Hall sensors, high-speed optical couplers, crystal oscillators, etc. These devices are widely applied to smart phones, laptops, intelligent robots, smart home appliances, IoT and IoV, LED lighting, 3C digital products and other fields. 

Please keep close contacts with us, we will launch more and more digital and analog IC products to meet your demands. 

Integrity, Progress, Tenacity, and Detail, are our core corporate culture. Sincerity, Progression, Perseverance, and Meticulousness are our principles. Advocating mutual development as well as win-win cooperation are corporate ethics. We constantly promotes our brand awareness and reputation of "Slkor" to create values for our employees, our customers and the society. 

We are striving for innovation and consistent quality stability with determination and sustainable development. We pay close attention to details in management, and market orientation. Customer’s total satisfaction is our goal. 

We see the chances of domestic substitution and the strengthening of the Chinese semiconductor industry. We are determined to become one of the leader of China’s semiconductor industry.


Slkor·Development History

  • Due to the technical cooperation with the team of Yonsei University in South Korea, Slkor was founded in China

  • The mass production of SiC power devices, SiC MOS and SiC SBD was achieved

  • Successfully registered the trademark "Slkor" in Mainland China

  • Launched Hall sensor and other products

  • All-round cooperation with the technical team of Tsinghua University

  • All links of the supply chain have been successfully transferred to China, and "domestic substitution" has been achieved effectively

  • Products of Slkor have obtained the EU standard RoHS and REACH certification reports

  • Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification.


Slkor·Corporate Culture


Corporate Culture ①-Integrity
sophisticated and high-quality


Corporate Culture ②-Progress
advance day by day,intent
learning and innovation
accumulate over time


Corporate Culture ③ -Tenacity
able to win battles,perseverance
team cooperation    and doggedness


Corporate Culture ④-Detail
node-control,simplified fast
perfect all along   constant,optimization

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