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Electronics Basics
Technical Information for semiconductors and electronics.
  • Updated: 2024-06-13
  • Views: 625
The SS14 Schottky diode, often referred to as a surface-mount Schottky diode, embodies the pinnacle of semiconductor technology. It is crafted using a combination of metal and semiconductor materials, resulting in a device that exhibits unique electrical properties. At the heart of its design lies a metal-semiconductor……
  • Updated: 2024-06-13
  • Views: 806
The AMS1117 is a low dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulator renowned for its efficiency, reliability, and versatility. Designed to provide a stable output voltage with minimal dropout voltage, it finds its application in various electronic circuits where a constant voltage supply is essential. Operating in the input vo……
  • Updated: 2024-06-13
  • Views: 832
In the intricate world of electronics, every component plays a crucial role, contributing its unique characteristics to the functioning of a circuit. Among these, Schottky diodes stand out for their distinctive properties and wide-ranging applications. Fr
  • Updated: 2024-05-17
  • Views: 1919
EMS companies ranking in 2023
  • Updated: 2024-05-17
  • Views: 1574
Top 10 semiconductor companies
  • Updated: 2024-05-15
  • Views: 1389
Shortly after Musk's visit to Beijing, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Center issued a notice on the testing of four security requirements for automobile data processing. Tesla, as a foreign-funded enterprise, became one of the first ba……
  • Updated: 2024-04-08
  • Views: 2033
Semiconductor industry professional terms and abbreviations
  • Updated: 2024-03-22
  • Views: 2302
​ Advanced packaging is a major technological highlight of the "More than Moore" era. As chip miniaturization becomes increasingly challenging and costly at ea……
  • Updated: 2024-03-22
  • Views: 2133
Due to the complexity of semiconductor manufacturing processes, different equipment is required for various steps. From a process classification perspective, semiconductor equipment can be mainly divided into silicon wafer production process equipment, wafer manufacturing process equipment, packaging process equipment,……
  • Updated: 2024-03-22
  • Views: 2075
In modern industrial production, especially in automated processes, sensors are almost indispensable. Specifically, industrial producers need to use various sensors to monitor and control various parameters in the production process, ensuring that equipment operates normally and any faults can be promptly detected.
  • Updated: 2024-03-21
  • Views: 2123
Flip chip technology originated from IBM, which developed the process of creating bumps on chips for flip chip soldering in 1960. The process involved surrounding the bumps with 95Pb5Sn encasing electroplated NiAu bumps. Later, PbSn bumps were used, employing Controlled Collapse Component Connection (C4) technology, in……
  • Updated: 2024-03-21
  • Views: 1951
The bipolar junction transistor was invented by a research team at Bell Laboratories in 1947. The first transistor consisted of two metal wires with sharp endpoints making point contact with a germanium substrate. While primitive by today's standards, this first transistor significantly transformed the entire electroni……

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