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SL0610G Synchronous Rectifying Circuit SL0610G Synchronous Rectifying Circuit SL0610G Synchronous Rectifying Circuit
SL0610G Synchronous Rectifying Circuit

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● SL0610G is a high-performance switching power supply secondary side synchronous rectifying circuit, integrated with control chip, energy storage capacitor and the power MOSFET with low RDSON With the self-powered technology, it can turn on/turn off MOS through current detection. Can be automatically switched to the Schottky diode for use in the switching power supply system, it is a secondary rectifying circuit solution with simple application and excellent performance. 

● SL0610G can be applied to the switching power supplysystem with 5V output that can meet the CoC Tier 2 level-six energy efficiency, with the maximum working frequency of 150kHz; in addition, the QR/DCM mode is supported. The extremely low conduction loss of power MOSFET is utilized to reduce the conduction power loss of the Schottky diode, to increase the switching power supply conversion efficiency and reduce the temperature rise of the rectifier, so as to meet the application of the high - efficiency switching power supply. 

● The chip is equipped with a high-voltage self-powered unit circuit,coordinated with the highly-concentrated chip scheme, the peripheral circuit of the chip is extremely simple, in no need of any external device, which can be directly used in the system instead of the Schottky diode.


● Take the place of the Schottky diode directly, in no need of any extemal device.

● Self-powered,in no need ofexternal power supply.

● Quiescent working current as low as 350uA.

● The highest working frequency as high as 150kHz.

● QRM/DCM mode is supported.

● High Side/Low Side rectification is supported.

● Integrated MOSFET RDSON as low as 10m.

● 3%~5%improved when compared with the rectification efficiency of Schottky diode.


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