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Alternative equivalent for Texas Instruments LM324DR | Slkor LM324D General Op-amp Alternative equivalent for Texas Instruments LM324DR | Slkor LM324D General Op-amp Alternative equivalent for Texas Instruments LM324DR | Slkor LM324D General Op-amp
Alternative equivalent for Texas Instruments LM324DR | Slkor LM324D General Op-amp
Slkor offers alternative replacement - LM324D - for Texas Instruments LM324DR 7mV General Op-amp

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Slkor alternative equivalents to Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Slkor Replacements
Part Number Part Number Product Category Package
LM2575S-5.0 LM2575S-5.0 DC-DC Regulator TO-263-5
LM2576S-5.0 LM2576S-5.0 DC-DC Regulator TO-263-5
LM2596S-5.0 LM2596S-5.0 DC-DC Regulator TO-263-5
UCC27511DBVR SL27511 Gate Driver IC SOT-23
UCC27525D SL27525 Gate Driver IC SOP-8
RC4558DRG4 SL4558S General Op-amp SOP-8
LM124DR LM124D General Op-amp SOP-14
LM224DR LM224D General Op-amp SOP-14
LM324DR LM324D General Op-amp SOP-14
LMV358QD LMV358 General Op-amp SOP-8
LM2904P LM2904 General Op-amp DIP-8
LP5907MFX-3.3 SL9013M33SE Linear Regulator(LDO) SOT-23-5
LP2992IM5-3.3 SL54M33SE Linear Regulator(LDO) SOT-23-5
UCC27523 SL27523 Gate Driver IC SOP-8
LM555CMX SL555S Real-Time Clock(RTC) SOP-8
OPA333 SLA333 Precision Op-amp MSOP-8
SN74HC164DR 74HC164D PMIC SOP-14
CD4001BM CD4001BM Logical Gate SOP-14

Operational Amplifiers


These devices consist of four independent high-gain frequency-compensated operational amplifiers that are designed specifically to operate from a single supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split supplies is also possible when the difference between the two supplies is 3V to 30V (for the LM2902 and LM2902Q, 3V to 26V) and Vcc is at least 1.5V more positive than the input common-mode voltage.The low supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the supply voltage.


Wide Range of Supply Voltages: Single Supply…3V to 30V  (LM2902 and LM2902Q 3V to 26V), or Dual Supplies

Low Supply Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage …0.8mATyp

Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground

Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters:

          Input Offset Voltage … 3mV Typ

          A Versions… 2 mV Typ

          Input Offset Current … 2nATyp

          Input Bias Current … 20nATyp

          A Versions … 15nATyp

Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to

          Maximum-Rated Supply Voltage… 32V

          (26V for LM2902 and LM2902Q)

Open-Loop Differential Voltage

           Amplification … 100V/mV Typ

Internal Frequency Compensation


Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc amplification blocks, and all the conventional operational amplifier circuits that now can be more easily implemented in single-supply-voltage systems. For example, the LM124 can be operated directly from the standard 5-V supply that is used in digital systems and easily provides the required interface electronics without requiring additional ±15-V supplies. 

LM124D SOP-14_00.png

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