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LMV321 LMV321 LMV321
Slkor offers alternative replacement - LMV321 - for STMicroelectronics LMV321ILT 3mV, 45nA General Op-amp

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Chinese manufacturing processes have undergone years of iteration, resulting in mature and reliable technologies. Many international corporations opt for production outsourcing in China.  As an electronic components manufacturer in China, our products can fully replace those of major international brands in 99% of applications without the need for testing verification. Our products boast high consistency in quality, reasonable pricing, ample inventory, flexible supply, short lead times, and professional after-sales service. 

Slkor alternative equivalents to STMicroelectronics.

STMicroelectronics Slkor Replacements
Part Number Part Number Product Category Package
BTA06-800BWRG BTA06-800B SCR TO-220
BTA08-800BWRG BTA08-800B SCR TO-220
BTA12-600BWRG BTA12-600B SCR TO-220
BTA16-800BWRG BTA16-800B SCR TO-220
BTA24-800BWRG BTA24-800B SCR TO-220
BTA26-800BWRG BTA26-800B SCR TO-3P
BTA41-800BRG BTA41-800B SCR TO-3P
BTA41-1200BRG BTA41-1200B SCR TO-3P
ZMM5V1 ZMM5V1 Zener Diode LL-34
TIP122 TIP122 Darlington Array TO-220
TIP127 TIP127 Darlington Array TO-220
ULN2001D1013TR ULN2001D Darlington Array SOP-16
L4949 SL4949 Linear Regulator SOP-8
LM317 LM317T-DGZ Linear Regulator TO-220
LMV321 LMV321ILT Op-amp SOT-23-5
MMBTA42 MMBTA42 Transistor SOT-23
MMBT4401 MMBT4401 Transistor SOT-23
MMBT5551 MMBT5551 Transistor SOT-23
MMBT5401 MMBT5401 Transistor SOT-23
MMBT3904 MMBT3904 Transistor SOT-23
MMBT3906 MMBT3906 Transistor SOT-23
MMBT2222A MMBT2222A Transistor SOT-23
D44H11 SL44H11 Transistor TO-220-3L

Low-power Consumption Single Operation Amplifier

Function description

LMV321 is a low-power consumption system with good performance and economy. It has high unit gain frequency and the designated conversion rate of 0.4V/μs, and the quiescent current is only 430 μA / amplifier (5V). The input common-mode scope includes grounding; for this reason, the device can work in both single power supply applications and dual power supply applications. In addition, the device can drive large capacitive loads comfortably.

SOT-23 package is adopted for LMV321. Generally speaking, LMV321 is an operational amplifier with low power consumption and wide power supply ranges, which can be designed for various applications with favorable price.

Main characteristics of chip functions:

lVCC = 5V, TA = 25°C. Typical value, unless otherwise specified

lGain bandwidth product: 1MHZ

lLow Supply current 430µA

lLow input bias current 45nA

lVolt Current Condenser Input +3V to 5.5V

lStable unit gains

lStable high capacitor loads



lPower adapter

lSensor interface

lPiezoelectric sensor amplifier 

lMedical instruments

lAudio output

lMobile communication portable system


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