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IGBT power module

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IGBT power supply module

IGBT power module is a power module composed of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT).
  Because the IGBT module is a mosfet structure, the gate of IGBT is electrically isolated from the emitter by an oxide film, which has excellent device performance. It is widely used in servo motors, frequency converters, variable frequency household appliances and other fields.

IGBT is an advanced third-generation power module with a working frequency of 1-20khz. It is mainly used for the main loop inverter and all inverter circuits of frequency converters, that is, dc/ac conversion. Examples include electric vehicles, servo controllers, ups, switching power supply, chopper power supply, trolleybus, etc. With a history of more than ten years, it has almost replaced all other power devices, such as scr.gto, gtr, mosfet, bipolar Darlington transistor and other low-frequency applications. The power can reach 1mw, the voltage of a single component can reach 4.okv(pt structure) -6.5kv(npt structure), and the current can reach 1.5ka It is an ideal power module.

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