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Crystal tube module series product answers

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       Answers to thyristor module series products
(1) What is the difference between the voltage regulating function of AC module and transformer?The transformer can isolate the load from the power grid and transmit the same amount of power according to the set transformation ratio; The AC module is not isolated from the grid, but only regulates the grid voltage. Its transmission power is limited by the current and decreases with the decrease of voltage.

(2) What is the anti-interference ability of the module?This module is suitable for the sharp distortion of power grid waveform, even if the main circuit works under high current, it can work normally. The phase-shifting control system does not interfere with connected computers or other control instruments, and has strong anti-interference ability.

(3) What quality assurance does the module have?Products are produced in strict accordance with the technical standards and quality grades of enterprises. If the supplier's products have quality problems, the supplier will replace them within one year after sales.

(4) Will the module generate harmonics when working?

  The harmonics generated by the module in operation are the same as those generated by the traditional thyristor circuit, which will affect the power grid. However, according to user feedback, the impact on the power grid is relatively small. This problem can be illustrated by an example: the ratio of the output power controlled by the module to the power of the power transformer in the power grid is the basis for defining the influence. The power transformer of the power grid has large capacity and can provide large current, while the output power of the module is relatively small compared with that of the transformer, so its influence can be neglected; On the contrary, if the output power controlled by the module is greater than that of the transformer, the impact will be even greater. When the impact is great, it can be absorbed by power capacitor, or by LC when necessary.

(5) When the module is controlled manually, what are the requirements for the potentiometer used?The power of potentiometer is 0.5W, and the resistance value can be in the range of 5.1 ~ 100k K.

(6) What do you need to pay attention to in the module heat dissipation?The junction temperature of the module should not exceed 125 degrees. When the module works stably, the temperature of the radiator should not exceed 80 degrees (that is, the shell temperature of the module), otherwise the module will burn out.

(7) When the output of the user test module is abnormal, what aspects will you consider yourself?1) Whether the module has a load test.

2) Whether the 2)12V power supply meets the working requirements of the module.

3) If it is controlled by microcomputer or instrument, see if there is a discharge circuit at the control end. Because there is a capacitor on pins 2 and 3 that can store charge, it will be turned on when no signal is applied, and a 500K resistor needs to be indirectly connected to pins 2 and 3.4) If the user's test is unbalanced, first look at whether the load is balanced, and whether the red and black pens of the digital meter should be AB, BC and CA during the test.

5) Whether the wiring is correct, especially for single-phase AC modules, zero lines should be added on both sides.

6) If the module can't work normally when the user has inductive or capacitive load or the load is uncertain, it is recommended that the user test under purely resistive load.

7) When the control signal is uncertain, select potentiometer to adjust and check whether the module is normal.

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