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Use of thyristors: so it is

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The thyristor is no different from the triode in appearance. In fact, it is a high-power electronic component. When it is used, it needs to be specially designed as a heat dissipation system, that is, a heat sink is installed for heat dissipation. This kind of electrical components is not only small in size, but also has a long life. It has a very good effect in the control system. It can realize low-power control of high-power equipment, and is well used in AC and DC speed control systems.

The thyristor can be used as a rectifier component in terms of performance. After all, the unidirectional conductivity is relatively good, not only in the open state, but also in the off state, that is, when controlling high-power equipment, Losses will increase, but the efficiency of this low current control is still very high. The selection of such components is not so simple. It is carried out from many aspects, and the power amplification factor reaches hundreds of thousands of times, and there is no noise during operation. The key cost is still relatively low, but his The disadvantage is that it will be disturbed and cause miscommunication, that is, static overload capacity.
When the thyristor is in use, if the reverse voltage is applied to the control machine, it cannot be turned on and the function of controlling the thyristor, that is, begging like a forward pulse, but it cannot be turned off, so this This use will only turn off when the voltage crosses zero. When choosing this product, pay attention to the withstand voltage level and the size of the current. That is to say, according to the actual current and voltage, be sure to pay attention to its current and voltage values, usually multiplied by three times, so that it can be used faster. After all, the voltage and current may be relatively large at the moment of power-on, so it is necessary to avoid damage. If it is used in dimming technology, as long as the matching lamps and lanterns are combined, and the effect is very good in the lighting market, then for this kind of dimmer in the lighting market, the cost is very low, and no wiring is required, the effect is Very good, the main principle is to destroy the waveform of the sine wave, so that the power becomes lower, and today's dimming products basically use this kind of thyristor for dimming.

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