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Galian SMT major upgrade: The device model is almost unlimited, and the double -sided stickers, small batches, and connecting accessories are all supported!

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Jiali Chuang SMT welding major upgrade


  • The number of processable devices is almost unlimited;
  • There are almost no restrictions on the PCB process that can be processed;
  • The number of PCBs that can be soldered on both sides (SMD + SMD) is almost unlimited.

  In 2021, Jia Li Chuang invested huge resources in the SMT project, which can be said to be a very high priority project for the company. After continuous efforts, Jialichuang SMT has been updated a lot in the past few months, which can be said to have changed the original positioning of Jialichuang SMT. After carefully reading these updates, we believe that customers will update their cognition and label of Jiali Chuang SMT.        
   1     Double Sided & Small Batch        
  Previously, Jialichuang SMT only attached single-sided and proofing. With the successful implementation of the fifth phase, not only double-sided stickers can be pasted, but also batches can be pasted, and even the number of stickers can be selected.    
    Very cost-effective, SMT proofing starts from 50 yuan

Jiali Chuang SMT proofing starts from 50 yuan, no steel mesh, no start-up fee, long-term operation for many years, not activity price.  

Solder joints cost 1 cent each, 2 pieces minimum order, no pressure to place an order.

Even if the double-sided sticker is used, if there are few types of components, it will cost more than 400 samples.  

Self-service orders, timely quotations, and prices are completely transparent. Unlike some peers, the system quotations are low prices, and after manual review, the price will be increased by several hundred.  

    There is almost no limit to the number of devices

Jia Li Chuang's SMT started with hundreds of resistance-capacitors at first, but until now, I have heard customers say that Jia Li Chuang only pastes resistance and capacitance. Now, with the successful implementation of the fifth phase of Jiali Chuang SMT, we can proudly say that Jia Li Chuang has posted almost everything.  
  For components that are not in the Jiali Band-Aid list, you can click  Apply for a mailing number  on the Parts not matched to the model number on the BOM matching page. button to place an order easily. After filling in the device information in the SMT order list, the device package can be sent. It is manually matched by a strong human flesh + intelligent team, leaving ease to customers and difficulties to yourself. The efficiency of manual matching is low. It is recommended to select components manually. If you can't find components, use this function again.  

   4     Significantly improved component auto-matching rate        

In the past, I often heard customers and salesmen complain that the matching effect of SMT components is not good, and simple resistors and capacitors cannot be matched, which is very painful to choose. After the efforts of the R&D team, the matching algorithm has been updated several times. The matching success rate (blue line) has increased from 54% at the end of August to 73% now, nearly 20%. The search and matching team is still working hard....  

   5     Economy and Standard

Two terms have been created for Jiali Chuang SMT,  Economic SMT  Standard SMT, suitable for all ages, rich and frugal. You can compare the table below to place an order.

   6     Support connectors, whether it is a sample or a small batch, all can be

Many people do not know that Jiali Chuang SMT has long beenDIP plug-in devices are supported, not only for proofing, but also for batches. In addition, I would like to tell you a good news.There is no jig fee, hurry up and put into production while it is free.    

   7     Quality and delivery also improved

Proofing should also ensure the quality as much as possible. The standard production lines have all been equipped with SPI and AOI. Most of the economical SMT orders have also gone through the AOI link, which is currently free of charge.

SPI device picture


AOI device picture

Quality, Price, Delivery  are the three elements of SMT. It also provides great protection. Except for some abnormal orders, most orders can be sent by express before delivery. The component warehouse of Lichuang Mall is already in the same park as SMT, and there will be greater guarantees for the delivery of SMT in the future!

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