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China Electric Port has won the top ten Chinese brand distributors for 20 consecutive years

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On November 4, 2021, the 2021 Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leadership Summit and the Global Electronic Components Distributor Excellence Award Ceremony hosted by ASPENCORE, a well-known media group in the global electronic technology field, was grandly held in Shenzhen. The event attracted many domestic and foreign industry elites People, well-known experts and scholars attended. Through the multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation of the ASPENCORE evaluation committee, CLP Port has once again won the annual "Excellent Performance Award for Electronic Components Distributors", and has been ranked among the top ten Chinese brand distributors for 20 consecutive years.


  Electronic component distributors are the backbone of the electronics industry and play a key role in the operation of original factories and terminal manufacturers. As an industry-leading comprehensive service platform for electronic components application innovation and modern supply chain, CLP Port has developed into a comprehensive service platform covering electronic components distribution, design chain services, A comprehensive service provider of supply chain collaboration and industrial data services.  
  Winning the award for 20 consecutive years is the support and recognition of CLP Port's continuous innovation by industry professionals and partners. CLP Port will adhere to the business philosophy of "serving customers and sharing with partners", focusing on "new Distribution" model, continue to improve the service efficiency and quality of the four major sectors of design chain innovation, component distribution, supply chain collaboration, and industrial data engine, provide customers with more efficient one-stop comprehensive service solutions, and strive to promote the components supply chain ecology Circle construction to help the development of the component industry.

The Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards was founded in 2001 and has been highly respected by the industry for 20 years. This award aims to recognize outstanding brand distributors that support the development of the electronics industry. The jury and website users from Asia, America and Europe jointly selected the winners. The selection results are trusted by electronics manufacturers and serve as an important reference for them to select distributor partners. The selection of the "Top Ten Chinese Brand Distributors" award is of great significance. It not only highly recognizes the brand of CLP Port, but also effectively confirms CLP Port's excellent service ability to promote the healthy and stable growth of partners' performance.

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