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Take you to know thyristor: master its characteristics

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The thyristor is very similar to the triode, but it needs to use a cooling device to work normally in the process of use. Although the volume is small, the efficiency is very high. The key is that the life is relatively long. Therefore, in many control systems Can use, to put it in layman's terms, for example, the speed control system or the power control system can be used. This is an electrical component with relatively high power, so its heat dissipation is relatively large, so it is necessary to use heat dissipation equipment. There are two kinds of thyristors, one is unidirectional and the other is bidirectional. The understanding of triac and unidirectional thyristor also has a bidirectional conduction function, that is, the positive and negative pulses of the control electrode can present a positive and negative conduction state, so it can basically be used as a switch in an AC circuit.


The state of the thyristor during use is only on or off, and its own advantage is that it can control higher-power equipment with a smaller current, so this use is still very concerned. The power amplification reaches hundreds of thousands of times, and the speed of this turn-on or turn-off is very fast, even reaching the microsecond level, especially the operation without contacts, not only high efficiency, but also low cost and no noise, so in Used in many circuits. However, when using this kind of electronic components, it must be noted that it is still very bad to be affected by interference, which can easily lead to misleading communication.

If the power of the thyristor is low, it basically uses a two-way thyristor, which can play a very important role in the sound and light control system. In addition, if a high-power thyristor is used, the power is relatively large. Especially suitable for voltage regulation output braking power supply and so on. Of course, if the power is larger, I believe it will be used in some high-frequency melting furnaces and other circuits. When purchasing this kind of thyristor, be sure to understand the specific circuit used, so that the selection of rated current and rated voltage will be more correct and fully used.

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