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The basic working principle of thyristor and its application in the lighting device

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Basic working principle of SCR and its application in dimmer

Silicon controlled rectifier is short for silicon controlled rectifier, which is a high-power semiconductor device with four-layer structure with three PN junctions. Generally, it is made up of two thyristors connected in reverse. Its function is not only rectification, but also quick switching-on or switching-off of contactless switch, realizing the inversion of changing DC into AC, changing AC of one frequency into AC of another frequency, and so on.



Like other semiconductor devices, SCR has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, good stability and reliable operation. With its appearance, semiconductor technology has entered the high-voltage field from the weak-current field, and has become an element eagerly adopted in the fields of industry, agriculture, transportation, commerce and civil appliances. At present, SCR is widely used in automatic control, electromechanical applications, industrial electricity and household appliances.From the appearance, SCR can be divided into spiral type, flat type and flat type. There are many applications of screw.

SCR has three poles-anode (A), cathode (C) and control (G). The die is a four-layer structure composed of overlapping P-type conductor and N-type conductor, and has three PN junctions, which is quite different from the silicon rectifier diode with only one PN junction in structure. The four-layer structure of SCR and the introduction of control electrode have laid the foundation for its excellent control characteristics of "controlling big with small". When SCR is used, it can control large anode current or voltage as long as a small current or voltage is applied to the control electrode. At present, thyristor with current capacity of several hundred amperes or even several thousand amperes can be manufactured. Generally, the thyristor below 5 amps is called low-power thyristor, and the thyristor above 50 amps is called high-power thyristor.

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