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Seeking MOS tube model recommendation!

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N-channel enhancement type mos tube selection

Nothing at all when VGS is zero

That is impossible. Whether it can reach 200mA depends on your VDS voltage. If there are many tubes that can withstand 200mA current, please specify your requirements, current, withstand voltage and packaging.

What is a MOS tube?

The full name of MOS tube is MOSFET, the Chinese name is field effect tube, and the prefix of the English name is referred to as MOS tube. The MOS tube is a switching transistor, which has only two states: on and off. On is on, and off is off. The output voltage is controlled by the ratio of the turn-on and turn-off time, which is called the duty cycle. The controller and charger of the electric bicycle are inseparable from the MOS tube to control the output voltage.

slkor MOSFET SL25N50F

What types of commonly used MOS tubes are there?

There are more models than that. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of tubes, one P tube is low-level conduction, and the other N tube is high-level conduction. There are two types of MOS tubes: N-channel and P-channel, each of which is divided into enhancement mode and depletion mode. Namely: N-channel enhancement mode tube, N-channel depletion mode tube, P-channel enhancement mode tube, P-channel depletion mode tube. Specific to the model, you can search on the Internet, there is a MOS tube model comparison table. The mos tube is the power tube for the motherboard power supply, which consumes a lot of heat. When the cpu and motherboard are overclocked, the current of the motherboard is much larger than normal. The mos tube of the power supply naturally consumes more heat. Overclocking enthusiasts add heat sinks to the mos tube. Cool down.


MOS tube selection

5N60, 7N60, etc., it is very easy to buy. Oh ~ you can go to the selection table, many big brands have selection tables, just follow a comparison, take a look at Fairchild's, the official website has it and download a common electronic components manual to see it, there are Chinese version! There are parameters of various electronic components in it, and there are also mos tubes!

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