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The Fourth Session of the Second Council of ECAS Council of Electronic Components of the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce is successfully concluded

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On the afternoon of December 16, the Fourth Session of the Second Council of the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce Electronic Component Application and Supply Chain (ECAS) was held in Shenzhen. Zhou Jiguo, chairman of the branch, Feng Wei, Wang Yucheng, Ye Deren, Liu Hongbing, Zhu Yeqing, Li Honghui, Chen Zhihong, Liu Jie, Wu Zhenzhou, Wu Shounong, director Yang Linjie, Mei Hua, Li Mingjun, Ren Wuming, etc. attended the meeting. Xiong Yuhong, the secretary -general of the branch, chaired the meeting. Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting.


Cao Shicheng and Song Shiqiang, general manager of Saco Micro

In recent years, SLKOR has developed rapidly. While continuing to consolidate its position in the power device market, SLKOR is also deploying TVS transient suppression diodes, driver ICs, power management ICs, AC-DC, LDO, Hall elements, etc. Form a coordinated development, and create the ecologicalization of Sacco products and brands. Among the domestic alternative products, the products of Sacco Micro slkor can replace the products of internationally renowned brands such as NXP NXP, IR International Rectifier, DIODES US Taiwan, Vishay Vishay, TI Texas Instruments, ON ON Semiconductor and so on. A few days ago, Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Saco Micro, was invited to participate in the fourth meeting of the second council of ECAS, the Electronic Components Application and Supply Chain Branch of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting passed the following 2 reports and 3 proposals

Zhou Jiguo, chairman of the branch, reported to the council on the work in 2021 and proposed work ideas for 2022. The report pointed out that the world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The White House presided over the "Chip Summit" and planned to invest US$50 billion in the US chip industry, reconstruct the global industrial chain and supply chain, and contain the rise of "Chinese chips". The Chinese government has issued policies for the component industry to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain to ensure the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and to help the "China Core" take off.

Electronic components, like the "food" of the electronic information industry, are the cornerstone of basic, strategic and leading industries, and the link between the upstream and downstream of the industry. A safe and stable supply chain of components is crucial to the development of the electronic information industry. Most of the ECAS companies have achieved relatively high growth in 2021, and the chapters strive to play a platform role and make progress together with member companies.

0 1 Serve the national strategy and play the role of the industry organization platform.


The National Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other relevant departments have invited EACS companies to discuss and investigate their opinions and plans on "innovatively establishing market access and trading platforms for electronic components and integrated circuits". ECAS undertakes industry research projects from relevant functional departments, and studies and plans the construction plan of the industry digital platform according to the spirit of Shenzhen leaders' instructions.

0 2 Serve the industry, organize industry data research, and cultivate industrial ecology.


On the basis of the successful component supply chain research and release of the research report last year, this year, the ECAS joint member unit Laowu E-commerce Studio organized the "Safe and Stable Components Supply Chain Questionnaire" activity, and released the "2021 Electronic Components" Supply Chain Security Research Report.

ECAS cooperates with the member company Ai Siyi to release the monthly market information report of the automobile & automobile "core" industry, including the industry trends of automobile enterprises, the status of the impact of the lack of cores, and the respective countermeasures of the automobile enterprises, so as to provide decision-making reference for upstream and downstream practitioners.

0 3 Serve members, hold forums and trainings, and promote business development.


ECAS has successively held China Basic Electronic Components Industry Summit, IC Supply Chain Security Forum, Supply Chain Security Training, Lean Supply Chain Management Improvement Course, International Trade Customs Clearance Business Training, and Financial Assistance Seminars, etc.

0 4 Develop members and attract outstanding enterprises and experts to join the membership.


ECAS invites outstanding distributors, such as Tailong Electronics Co., Ltd., United Chuangtai, and Hunting.com; IC design companies, such as Longsys, China Microelectronics; industry outstanding experts, such as ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific Vice President Dr. Mai Manquan, Lawyer Tang Weiyang of Jun He Law Firm and Liu Hui, senior consultant of Sequoia Capital, joined ECAS to enhance the core strength of the branch in the component supply chain.



Yang Linjie, CEO of Lichuang Mall

      Proposal for Membership Development and Management


In order to bring together the economic entities of the supply chain of the electronic components industry chain, improve the quality of members, regulate the development of members and the behavior of joining and withdrawing from the membership, and clarify the rights and obligations of members, according to the "Articles of the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce" and the "China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce Expert Committee and Membership. Library Expert Working System (Trial)", ECAS formulates the member development and management measures of the group.


Proposal for Hiring Expert Committee Members



The Council approved the proposal to hire members of the Expert Committee. In order to further improve the work quality and service level of the group, give full play to the supporting role of industry experts, and improve the level of the chamber of commerce in serving the government, the society, the industry and its members, an expert committee has been established. And hire the following experts:

Mai Manquan Vice President of ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific Industry Expert Wu Zhenzhou Lao Wu E-commerce Studio Industry Expert Wu Shounong Former Head of Global Sources Greater China Industry Expert Liu Hui Senior Consultant of Sequoia Capital Investment Expert Tang Weiyang Partner of Jun He Law Firm Legal Expert


      Proposal for the addition of the second council member



The proposal to add new directors of the second council is to add Yang Fan, vice president of Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Co., Ltd., as the director of the branch.

This council meeting was efficient and compact, with sufficient preparations in advance and strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic. With the joint efforts of the council members and colleagues from the Secretariat, the meeting completed various agendas. In the coming 2022, ECAS will, as always, do more solid work, better promote the steady implementation of various work of the Chamber of Commerce, improve the efficiency of government-enterprise communication, give full play to the advantages of market resources, solve the "key trivial matters" of the industry, promote The "development event" of the industry promotes the steady development of member units.

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