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Shake Micro Basic Power Switch Top Torter Top Turns Construction Picture Sharing (3)

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The topology diagram of switching power supply is ever-changing, but no matter how it changes, it is basically based on the combination or deformation of basic topology diagram of switching power supply. There are basically 14 basic topology diagrams of basic switching power supply, so let's introduce them.

二、Basic pulse width modulation waveform of
These topologies are all related to switching circuits, and the basic pulse width modulation waveform is defined as follows:  

八、Two-Transistor Forward
  Features: ■ Two switches work at the same time. ■ When the switch is off, the energy stored in the transformer reverses the polarity of the primary and turns on the diode. Main advantages: ■ The voltage on each switch will never exceed the input voltage.■ There is no need to reset the winding track.

These are the common switching power supply topologies, and there are many topologies, but most of them are combinations or variations of the topologies described here. Each topology contains unique design trade-offs, and Sacco Wei has also done some sorting, which will be shared with you one after another in the future.

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