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The technical solution of constant current constant pressure uses the crystal tube control module

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      Technical solution of thyristor control module for constant voltage
  (1) Frequently asked questions about the first use of the module

Before using this module, you can perform a simple function test, and you can test the constant current function or the constant voltage function, but it is more convenient to choose the constant voltage function test. The following are frequently asked questions about first-time use, which may inspire you.

When adjusting the given signal, the module has no current or voltage output, but the given signal and the applied 12V power supply are normal.

Processing: You need to reset the module.When constant voltage is applied, the output voltage measured by voltmeter is inaccurate or discontinuous.Reason: Your load is too small. Please replace it with a load greater than 100w W.

When constant current is applied, the given signal is very small, and the module is full voltage output.

Treatment: It needs high current, such as 20A.The constant-current precision or constant-voltage precision of the module can't reach the specified index.Cause: the power supply index can't meet the requirements or the given signal is unstable.Can constant current function be used at the same time?A: No, you can only work alone in a certain constant current or constant voltage mode, or switch sequentially.Can the module reach the maximum nominal current at any output voltage?A: No, the nominal current of the module is the maximum output current at full voltage output, and the specific output current depends on the output voltage and stability accuracy.

How to choose the best working range of the module?Answer: It is best to apply the module at 20%-60% nominal value; When it is less than 20% or more than 70%, the effect is poor.How to discharge the battery when charging it?Method 1: Adjust the polarity of positive and negative outputs of the module to be opposite to that of charging.Method 2: The positive output of the module is connected to the inductor, and the polarity of the module is the same as that of charging. First, adjust the voltage of the module to be higher than that of the battery pack, then slowly reduce the output voltage of the module to the discharge voltage of the battery, and complete the discharge of the battery by inverter. This method is suitable for professional users.When the module is used for inductive load, the index drops.Cause: The voltage and current sensor processing circuit of this module may be different from ordinary instruments in processing the induced signal voltage. When the thyristor is commutated, it will produce anti-sharp pulse, and the module processing circuit will suppress the sharp pulse. Ordinary instruments deal with this peak value as usual, so it is a normal phenomenon, not an exponential decline.

How to find the radiator temperature test point?Methods: The test point was selected near the center of the module, close to the radiator surface of the module shell.

(2) Current selection rule

Selection of module currentThe nominal current of the module is the maximum current allowed for the normal operation of the module. Considering the poor resistance of thyristor to current impact, it is recommended to leave allowance when selecting modules.Resistive load: the nominal current of the module should be twice the rated current of the load. Load: the nominal current of the module should be 3 times the rated current of the load; Requirements for conduction angle:Under the condition of non-sine wave, the current value measured by ordinary meters is not valid, and the smaller current value displayed by the meters may exceed several times of the module rating.

Therefore, the module is required to work at a large conduction angle (above 100 degrees) as much as possible. If the module outputs a large current with a small conduction angle (that is, the input voltage of the module is high and the output voltage is low), it will cause the module to burn out seriously.

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