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Is there any difference between field effect tube and MOS tube?

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Is there any difference between FET and MOS transistor?

FET is generally divided into MOS FET and junction FET. At present, the main use is MOS FET, commonly known as MOS transistor. MOS is the abbreviation of metal-oxide-semiconductor, namely gate-silicon dioxide-silicon. J in JFET stands for Junction, or "junction", which means the junction of PN junction. It stands for FET Field Effect Transistor, that is, field effect transistor.
First of all, the subject is different.

1. Field effect: V-groove metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. This is a newly developed high-efficiency power switching device after MOSFET.2.MOS transistor: Metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor belongs to insulated gate type.Second, the characteristics are different.

1. Field effect: MOS FET has input impedance (108W), low driving current (about 0.1A), high withstand voltage (maximum withstand voltage 1200V), working current (1.5A~100A) and high output power (1 ~ 250W).

2. MOS tube: The main feature is that there is a silicon dioxide insulation layer between the metal gate and the channel, and the input resistance is high (up to 1015).Third, the rules are different.

1. Field effect: Combining the advantages of electronic tubes and power transistors, it is widely used in voltage amplifiers (voltage amplification thousands of times), power amplifiers, switching power supplies and inverters.

2. MOS tube: When VGS=0, the tube is in a closed state. After the correct VGS is added, most of the carriers will be pulled into the gate, "boosting" the carriers in this area and forming a conductive trench.


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