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What is silicon carbide and what is its use?

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Silicon carbide is also called refractory sand, which is actually a refractory material such as quartz sand or coal char sawdust through smelting. Although very rare in nature, it is actually a very economical material. Let's take a look at what is this thing used for? How are they all?


According to its own characteristics, silicon carbide has a wide range of uses. First of all, it can be seen in four major fields, such as ceramics and refractory materials, as well as liquid crystal raw materials, etc. It is still very useful in these fields. Extensive, and now through continuous processing, it can also be seen that this nano-silicon carbide powder has a very good market value. In the metallurgical industry, we will find that silicon carbide has very strong hardness and high wear resistance, and is basically widely used on air runways. In the non-ferrous metal industry, why we can see the emergence of this material is precisely because it is not only impact resistant but also has good thermal conductivity, and the key is high temperature resistance, so whether it is a molten copper lining or a thermocouple protection tube, etc. to use this kind of thing.

The reason why silicon carbide can be used in the steel industry is precisely because of its good thermal conductivity, and the key to heat and wear resistance is corrosion resistance, so it must be used in large blast furnaces to improve efficiency. After the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide itself becomes an exchanger, not only the productivity is improved, but also the wear resistance will be improved, so it is also very energy-saving. With its own advantages and high thermal strength, we can see that as an indirect material for ceramic sintering, it can indeed improve product quality. This material is also widely used in the electronic component market, especially the use of this transistor is still very concerned, so in the future market, this product will also be widely used. After all, this product is not only low in loss and high in energy efficiency, but also has a very strong working temperature tolerance, so the application range of this transistor is more powerful, not only in hybrids, but also in aerospace applications.

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