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Sacco Micro selected colleagues year-end summary (SEO Xiao Huang)

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Since entering Shenzhen Sacco micro semiconductor Co., LTD. (www.slkormicro.com) it has been a year, and we are very glad to have come to the vigorous electronic components industry and the flourishing Sacco micro semiconductor company. This year, under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, I have done a lot of things and learned a lot. It is a training for myself. Here I would like to make a summary and look forward to next year's work:



Sacco Micro Slkor company's clean and atmospheric atrium

Since joining Sacco Micro company and Song General manager together for the first time to negotiate with outsourcing companies, looking for outsourcing companies to do ranking for the company's website keywords, after this negotiation with outsourcing companies, I have accumulated a little negotiation experience, and I have also grown a lot. Finally, the outsourcing company will live up to expectations, the website (www.slkormicro.com) MOS tube, field effect tube, IGBT, ESD/TVS, schottky diodes, diodes, hall element, thyristor, power management IC, silicon carbide, parts of the power management IC do baidu keywords ranking front page, achieve the company's brand promotion, at the same time to obtain certain customer enquiries, play a supplementary role for the performance of the company growth, The obtained customer resources can enable the new employees to quickly grow into excellent sales of the company, and help the sales line.


Sacco Micro Slkor Baidu keyword ranking table

Sacco micro is a technical content and humanistic feelings of the company. Sarkozy and gold beacons of the company's corporate culture and brand do propaganda is very good, in office occasionally need to release during the period of SEO writing, it is not available in previous work, during this time although not much written articles, about thirty to article, write down two or three releases, every month for his writing ability is a qualitative improvement. A good job is not just a job, but a job that allows you to improve yourself.



Sacco Micro SLKOR Lanling OA system interface

In June, Sacco Micro SlKOR Company and Jinhangbiao Kinghelm (www.bds666.com) subordinated to General Manager Song Shiqiang both had to introduce informatization and digitalization, and General Manager Song entrusted me to execute the construction of two system projects of Kingdee KIS Cloud and Lanling OA of the company. As the executive leader of this project, I need to explore many aspects of work coordination by myself. I have no previous experience in project implementation, which is a big challenge for coordination and docking. Abroad, need to our demand for docking with kingdee and we two company, internal himself to study the application of the two systems, and teach the company colleagues used, this way to learn while teaching grope for the teaching, to improve their professional knowledge is soon, but has a big obstacle for the communication between colleagues, understanding of something and accept ability of each person is different, They could not fully understand my expression, and even had different communication channels, resulting in some friction. However, through this project, I not only learned knowledge, but also improved my communication skills to some extent. When the project was about to be implemented, THERE were no more obstacles in communicating with everyone, and my ability to control the progress of the project was improved.

萨科微办公室的企业文化墙 守正 精进 坚韧 细节 

Sacco micro office of the corporate culture wall is to keep the tenacity of details

After the end of the project, Manager Song also gave me an extra bonus for the information introduction. I also realized the "control node" and its meaning in the "details" required by the corporate culture of our company in my work.


Sacco Micro SLKOR Kingdee KIS cloud system interface

At the end of the year, the company's new office was renovated. Mr. Song asked me to find an advertising company to make the logo wall and waist line door plate of Sacco Micro SLKOR, which was successfully completed. In the past year, through the implementation of the project, I have a good grasp of the timing of the progress of the work. In general, I have harvested a lot in this year.

萨科微企业文化上墙 第四点 细节 

Sacco micro enterprise culture on the wall of the fourth detail

2022 plan

1. Upgrade the website of sACCO Micro (www.slkormicro.com), develop the mobile phone and English version of sacco Micro website, prepare for the international promotion of sacco Micro brand, upload the product model and specification book to the website for the convenience of customers;

2. Search and screen external resources, update more high-quality articles for the website, increase the number of articles included on the website and improve the website ranking, so as to promote the brand and gain customers;

3. Increased the website to 2500 to 3000 articles within a year, and more than 10 articles need to be updated every day to prepare for the weight of the website to stay at the weight of 2;

4. Increase the release of external chain advertorials, such as Baidu know, Baidu Post bar, 360 Q&A, Zhihu, Sogou Q&A and other platforms of external chain release, increase the strength of brand marketing and word-of-mouth marketing;

SLKOR萨科微slogen 成为“国产半导体领导者” 

SLKOR Sacco Slogen becomes "Domestic Semiconductor Leader"

Farewell to the old and welcome the new, 2021 has become the past, 2022 is still coming, looking back on the past year, we take sACCO micro enterprise culture "integrity", "progress", "tenacity" and "details" as the code of conduct, under the leadership of the leaders, Sacco Micro sincere, further, perseverance, control details, to hand over a satisfactory answer sheet.

Sum up this year, in line with the keen on the labor of duty, strict with oneself, straighten working position, keep "humble" "cautious" "self-disciplined" "improve" attitude, in the leadership of care and cultivation and help and support of colleagues to work hard, positive enterprising, constantly improve the self, complete various work earnestly, fulfill their post responsibility, of its own has obvious improvement.

I believe that IN the next year or even several years of service, I can still get greater promotion, sublimation with the company in the future, just like Song Always said: Let oneself be able to work in Sacco Micro SLKOR (Kinghelm) proud, let others envy themselves to work in Sacco Micro SLKOR (Kinghelm), I believe that under the leadership of Song General can achieve real "fame and fortune" in the future.

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