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The use of diode

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The use of diodes.

  Two diodes are connected in parallel, each sharing half of the total current of the circuit, and three diodes are connected in parallel, each sharing one third of the total current of the circuit. In short, there are several diodes connected in parallel. "The current flowing through each diode is equal to a fraction of the total current. However, in the actual parallel operation, "because the characteristics of each diode are not completely consistent, the passing current cannot be equally divided, and some pipes will be overburdened and burned. Therefore, a small resistor with the same resistance value should be connected in series to each diode, so that the currents flowing through the parallel diodes are close to the same. This current-sharing resistor R is usually selected from tens of ohms to tens of ohms. The larger the current, the smaller R ..

Obviously, under ideal conditions, there are several tubes connected in series, and the reverse voltage of each tube should be equal to a fraction of the total voltage. However, due to the different reverse resistance of each diode, the voltage distribution will be uneven: the diode with high internal resistance may break down because of the high voltage, which will cause a chain reaction and break down the diodes one by one. The resistor R connected in parallel with the diode can make the voltage distribution uniform. The voltage-sharing resistor should be a resistor whose resistance value is smaller than that of diode and reverse resistance value, and the resistance value of each resistor should be equal.

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