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What is the diodes of the patch?

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What is a chip diode?

It is an electronic device that conducts current in one direction. A semiconductor diode has a PN junction and two lead terminals. This electronic device performs unidirectional current conversion according to the direction of applied voltage. Generally speaking, SMD diode is a p-n junction interface formed by sintering P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor. Space charge layers are formed on both sides of the interface to form a self-built electric field. When the applied voltage is equal to zero, the diffusion current caused by the carrier concentration difference between the two sides of the p-n junction is equal to the drift current caused by the self-built electric field, which is also a normal diode characteristic.
  Tube voltage drop of SMD diode: the forward tube voltage drop of silicon diode (non-luminous type) is 0.7V, and that of germanium tube is 0.3V. The forward tube voltage drop of LED varies with the color of light. There are three main colors. The specific voltage drop reference values are as follows: the voltage drop of red LED is 2.0—2.2V, the voltage drop of yellow LED is 1.8—2.0V, and the voltage drop of green LED is 3.0-3.2V. The rated current under normal lighting is about 20mA. The voltage and current of SMD diodes are not linear, so when different SMD diodes are connected in parallel, the corresponding resistors should be connected.

Chip diode: In electronic components, a device with two electrodes that only allows the current to flow in one direction. Many applications are to apply its rectification function. Varactor diode is used as an electronic adjustable capacitor.

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