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The difference between IGBT single tube and IGBT module

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Difference between IGBT single tube and IGBT module

IGBT module can be regarded as the functional improvement and upgrade of IGBT single tube. Their application fields are basically the same. However, due to the integration of various driving and protection circuits, the installation of IGBT modules is very convenient for users. With the adoption of new packaging technology, the performance of IGBT has also been greatly improved, expanding the application field of IGBT.
  IGBT power supply module is driven by IC, various driving protection circuits, high-performance IGBT chips and new packaging technology, and has developed from composite power supply module PIM to intelligent power supply module IPM, power electronic building block PEBB and power supply module IPEM. PIM is developing in the direction of high voltage and high current, and the product grade is 1200-1800a/1800-3300v. In addition to variable frequency speed regulation, 600A/2000V IPM has been used in VVVF inverter of electric locomotive. Low-inductance packaging technology High-current IGBT modules are PEBB of active devices, which are used for transmitters on ships. IPEM uses the technology of co-fired ceramic chip multi-chip module to assemble PEBB, which greatly reduces the circuit wiring inductance and improves the system efficiency. Now, the second generation IPEM has been successfully developed, in which all passive components are buried in the substrate. Intelligentization and modularization have become the hot spot of IGBT development.

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