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Who will reconstruct the new order of electronic distribution?

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Traditional industries are like mountaineering. The mountain is there, and if you persevere and persevere, you may reach the top of the mountain; the Internet is a bit like surfing. When a wave hits, you catch up and you catch up. The pain of traditional people is to climb to the middle of the mountain and watch the water slowly come up...

As a professional ERP software supplier serving electronic component distributors and agents, Longwei often communicates with practitioners in the component distribution industry; I feel that living in this world guided by the Internet, many people will feel confused, I can't see the real world, I can't see myself clearly, and I don't know what to do with the company.

I have always wanted to sort out the supply chain of the industry in order to have a clear position for myself and customers, especially after listening to the beautiful appointment between Langhua and Runxin, this idea became stronger and stronger.

IC industry supply chain

1. Components of the supply chain

Chip factory: The design and processing of chips, the core resources in the industry chain.

Authorized agent: develop the market, obtain orders, provide technical support; share the pressure of the original factory's inventory, capital, logistics, etc. Difficult to serve small businesses and lack of flexibility.

Authorized IDH: Based on the function of the chip, it provides technical development for the whole machine manufacturer, and makes up for the technical research and development capabilities of the manufacturer.

Independent distributors: not limited to selling brands, many types, flexible and fast operation.

Inventory spot merchants: mainly trader customers, reserve a large amount of inventory, fast in and out.

Catalog distributors: complete varieties, small batches, high prices, quality assurance.

Online shopping malls: mainly purchasing on behalf of others, hosting and consignment sales.

Terminal factory: complete machine manufacturers, including OEM, OBM, ODM manufacturers.

Logistics providers: including transportation companies, warehousing companies and customs brokers.

2. The value transfer process of the supply chain

In the entire supply chain value flow process of components from the original factory to the complete machine manufacturer, transportation, circulation and warehousing play a crucial role; along with the transmission of this process, information flow, logistics and capital are essentially inseparable flow. If there is a platform, a component industry ecological platform, it will definitely be a three-in-one, taking into account both.

Information flow: It is the soul and cares about visibility. It helps all parties in the supply chain to see and manage the status of various business activities from suppliers to customers in real time, so as to ensure synchronization with the rhythm of various executives in the supply chain.

Logistics: It is the body, cares about reliability, ensures the safety of items, reduces the risk of loss and loss, and meets the production needs of customers. The difficulty and value-added point is that it requires faster speed and less processing flow.

Capital flow: It is blood, runs through the operation process of the entire supply chain, and is the basic guarantee for smooth information and smooth logistics. The process was originally a one-way loss, and now supply chain finance has given more imagination space for capital appreciation.

The above are a few pictures based on my limited cognition, trying to decipher the value of each node in the IC supply chain, so that enterprises can understand the node they are in, and what kind of value does it provide? Is it possible to enhance its competitiveness by extending or compressing services?

Node cutting and value mining of IC supply chain

As shown in the value transfer process of the supply chain in Figure 2, the chips are manufactured from the original factory to the complete machine manufacturer, and the basic nodes that pass through are: chip design, chip manufacturing, scheme design, complete machine design, spare parts procurement, transportation , storage, customs declaration, financial services and industry consulting analysis. As a grasshopper on the chain, we need to find out the node we are in. Who is the original supplier? How many agents are there? What are the design companies? Who is buying spare parts? What are trending products? Where is the manufacturer...

Longwei started in Huaqiangbei and grew up in Huaqiangbei, and his vision is limited to the distribution industry in Huaqiangbei. Discussed some personal opinions. Some time ago, Mr. Song of Jinhangbiao gave a targeted consultation report "Huaqiangbei Electronic Enterprises' Way out of Difficulty and Development" in Huaqiang Lecture Hall, detailing the current situation and development of Huaqiangbei enterprises.

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If there is a market, there must be a market. The advantages of Huaqiangbei enterprises are simple structure, efficient operation, flexible operation and complete supporting facilities. With the change of the market environment and the elimination and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, some advantages are gradually lost.

1. Lost advantage

a. Channel resources are becoming less and less monopolistic, and it will become more and more difficult to do the business of "sell at a low price".

b. The share of services that provide scarce components and digest excess inventory is losing.

c. Without the support of core competitiveness, the cost of developing customers by means of logistics, inventory and credit sales is increasing.

d. The upgrading of the manufacturing industry has brought about changes in the procurement model.

2. Value remodeling

Sun Tzu's Art of War said, "Water controls the flow because of the land, and soldiers win because of the enemy. Therefore, the army has no constant force, and the water has no constant shape. Those who can win because of the changes of the enemy are called gods." It can adjust its business strategy at any time to ensure the survival and development of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to "practice ink and follow the enemy to decide the war." That is positioning.

When it comes to positioning, while understanding the industrial value chain, enterprises should also understand the position of the enterprise itself. Personally, I think there are no more than two development directions for enterprises in the future: one is the control of core technologies and core resources; the other is Control of the connection ability and coordination ability with each node of the industrial chain (as shown in the figure). Other than that, there is no way out.

Vertical positioning is the deep cultivation of subdivision fields. I divided him into three directions and gave examples from companies that I am familiar with.

a. Product positioning.

The representative companies around are:

 Melon Electronics: Chip Resistors Capacitors

 Jincheng Microelectronics: Field Effect Transistor

 Howling Electronics: Schottky, fast recovery diodes

 Golden Beacon Electronics: Beidou and Silicon Carbide

 Chao Optoelectronics: Professional optocoupler


What I want to say in particular is that as a latecomer to the market, Jinhangbiao Electronics adopts the reverse thinking of technology research and development, and introduces South Korea's "silicon carbide" technology by way of share purchase, shortening the technology research and development cycle, and reducing the trial and error of 0 to 1 stages. cost. Then cooperate with a number of design agencies, set up laboratories, and combine with the actual needs of customers to quickly occupy the market. Personally think that as a company with certain financial strength and market foundation, it can be used as a reference.

b. Application positioning.

The representative companies around are:

 Runxin Technology: Communication Connections and Sensors

 Macrochip Micro : Video IC

Runxin Technology is positioned in the application design chain and supply chain of communication connections and sensor chips. It has complete application software and design solutions in subdivided industries, and quickly provides technical solutions according to customer needs, effectively shortening the research and development of customer products. and production cycle.

c. Industry positioning.

The circle of communication is limited, and there is no intersection with distributors specializing in a certain sub-industry. Or the requirements for industry positioning are relatively high, requiring enterprises to have both vertical technical capabilities and horizontal connectivity capabilities. It is necessary to grasp the technology of subdivided industries, as well as the ability to connect and coordinate the upstream and downstream supply chains of the industry. It is more necessary to interpret industry information and predict market prospects.

Regarding industry positioning, in addition to the mature mobile phone and smart car industries, individuals are optimistic about the prospects of VR and robotics industries.

Horizontal positioning, what enterprises do is to connect, spread and coordinate, which is what we often call platform enterprises.

A platform-based enterprise does not care about the company's technology and products, but more about the company's ideas, its connectivity, inclusiveness, and openness. The core idea is to serve others, output value, let others benefit, and help others become stronger.

a. Information platform

Huaqiang Electronic Network

IC Trading Network

Components Trading Network

Such platforms are primary information platforms, do not involve transactions, and cannot guarantee the authenticity and timeliness of information. I personally think that such platforms have completed their historical mission and will gradually fade out of the market.

b. Purchasing platform (O2O)

Anxin Mall


Youxin Mall

Wangnianhua Mall

Lichuang Mall


Such platforms are evolved from information platforms and combined with transactions. They belong to self-operated malls that extend the traditional trade model to online. The ultimate purpose of the platform is to plan to evolve into a supply chain platform or an ecological platform. For example, ICKey has been involved in joint ventures, warehouses and consignments from the initial purchasing model, to the establishment of material optimization warehouses, supply chain financial services, and technical support.

c. Matchmaking platform

Core Hunting Network

I understand the matchmaking platform as a combination of marriage agency + marriage mediator. The transaction of electronic components is mainly based on low-cost unit price and multi-batch procurement, and high-quality beauties (original chip manufacturers) and Duojinnan (large-scale complete machine manufacturing). Businesses) do not need to be matched, so the space for only matching transactions is limited, and the matching platform will still transition from marriage introduction (matching) to wedding planning (trading process) to fertility guidance (product design support) to baby care (production process) to The entire industry chain of family wealth management (supply chain finance) is still aimed at supply chain platforms and ecological platforms.

d. Supply chain platform


CLP Port

Huaqiang Jufeng

The supply chain platform has the ability to deeply intervene in the transaction process of the complete machine manufacturing enterprise, from production design, technical support of solutions to supply chain support and supply chain financial services, to meet the needs of customers from product design to mass production!

e. Ecological platform

Cogobuy + Ingdan  (semi-ecological)

The main tasks of the ecological platform are: to manage the process, set the rules, give resources, and re-collaborate.

Linking numerous industrial chain organizations, using the network to achieve data sharing, collaborative planning, customizing rules to balance the interests of all parties involved, forming an interaction mechanism and incentive pattern, allowing each organization to use its own strengths, exhibit specialties, and benefit from each other. From traditional predatory cooperation to symbiotic and win-win cooperation.

Through years of accumulation, Ingdan starts from the supply chain, provides services through online and offline and systems, and realizes the community operation of makers. It will focus on building five ecosystems, smart cars, robots, smart homes, new materials, and big health. medical.

IC agent distributors call for the emergence of an open supply chain service platform

Mr. Deng of Runxin Technology talked about the many pain points of agent distributors in overseas logistics and warehousing in the beautiful appointment.

Pain points in the logistics operation of agent distributors

1. The storage space cannot be controlled, the peak season is insufficient, the off-season is more than enough, and the input cost of software and hardware is high.

2. The personnel are unstable, unprofessional, and difficult to manage. When the quantity is large, they are busy to death, and count the hours.

3. Local delivery customers are scattered, waste of capacity and time, and the safety of goods cannot be guaranteed.

4. The procurement cycle is long and the capital occupation is large, and supply chain finance has become empty talk.

5. The customs affairs are not professional, the definition of HSCode is vague, the tax payment is not clear, and the development of the enterprise will leave troubles.

6. No one understands the free-for-all business under the general trade for repair, customer supply, and general trade.

7. It is impossible to handle the simple combination required by customers, change the material number, and cannot provide "value-added circulation in the warehouse"

8. Idle inventory cannot be dealt with quickly and effectively

If there is a platform, what should she be like? ......

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