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SL2044 PMIC Chip SL2044 PMIC Chip SL2044 PMIC Chip
SL2044 PMIC Chip

VS(V) :24V

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The integrated circuit SL2044 is applied to the automobile steering lamp circuit controlled by relays. With two independent output ports, SL2044 can control two relays separately. The left and right steering control input ends of the automobile need only very small control current, and a low power switch can be adopted as the steering control switch of the automobile. The independent failure warning signal input end simplifies the warning control switching circuit. If a bulb of the operating circuit breaks down when the steering lamp circuit works, the flicker frequency is increased doubly. Since SL2044 has extremely low quiescent current in the standby state, it can be connected directly to a battery.


● The flicker frequency has temperature and voltage compensation

● Extremely low quiescent current,<10uA(standby state)

● Doubled flicker for warning in condition of automobile lamp failure

● Power reverse polarity protection

● Double-relay driving output port,with great current-carrying capacity and low saturation voltage

● Three control input:left steering,right steering and failure warning

● Minimum automobile lamp bearing power: 1W

● Strong capacity in anti-electromagnetic interference

● RoHS


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