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Alternative equivalent for EPSON Q22FA12800332 | Slkor SL201640M12P Quartz Crystal
Slkor offers alternative replacement - SL201640M12P - for EPSON Q22FA12800332 Quartz Crystal
Load capacitance:12/15PF
Frequency TOlerance(at 25℃):±10PPM
Operating Temperature:-40~85℃
Package: 2016

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Chinese manufacturing processes have undergone years of iteration, resulting in mature and reliable technologies. Many international corporations opt for production outsourcing in China.  As an electronic components manufacturer in China, our products can fully replace those of major international brands in 99% of applications without the need for testing verification. Our products boast high consistency in quality, reasonable pricing, ample inventory, flexible supply, short lead times, and professional after-sales service. 

Slkor alternative equivalents to EPSON.
EPSON Slkor Replacements
Part Number Part Number Product Category Package
X1E0000210167 SL322532M9P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4
X1E000021016300 SL322532M10P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
X1E000021037500 SL322516M9P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
X1E000021011900 SL322516M12P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4
X1E0000210129 SL322524M12P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
X1E000021035200 SL322525M20P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
X1E000021013900 SL322525M12P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
X1E000021012700 SL322524M9P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
X1E000021081900 SL322526M10P Quartz Crystal SMD3225-4P
Q22FA12800332 SL201640M12P Quartz Crystal SMD2016-4P
Q22FA1280047000 SL201626M12P Quartz Crystal SMD2016-4P
Q24FA20H00315 SL252026M12P Quartz Crystal SMD2520-4P
Q24FA20H00289 SL252026M9P Quartz Crystal SMD2520-4P


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