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SLKOR Company MOS Tube, IGBT, Hall component and other semiconductor products have fully launched the entire network marketing plan

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Recently, Shenzhen slkormicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) has developed and produced more and more semiconductor products such as MOS field effect transistors, IGBTs, Hall elements, TVS, ESD, diodes, etc. Salkormicro "SLKOR" The market share is also increasing continuously. In order to improve the popularity and influence of the "SLKOR" brand of Sake Micro on the Internet, so that Sake Micro MOS tube, Hall element, power management IC and other semiconductor products can quickly serve our customers. The research and development and production of digging semiconductor components, on the other hand, the whole network marketing on the Internet has also been fully rolled out. On the platforms we are familiar with, such as Baidu, 360 Search, Sogou Search, Shenma Search, Google GOOGLE and other platforms, bidding promotion and the key to SEO are carried out. Word rankings and website inclusions have worked hard to achieve the purpose of increasing the weight and traffic of the Sacco micro website and promoting the brand.



Slkor products are roughly divided into the following categories: MOS tubes, IGBTs, thyristors, ESD, PD fast charging, power management ICs, TVS/ESD, diodes, and triodes. The MOS tube is divided into high-voltage MOS, low-voltage MOS, COOLMOS, these are the best-selling products of Sac Micro, widely used in lithium battery protection boards, intelligent sweeping robots, electronic cigarettes and other industries, with stable and durable performance. IGBTs have also been recognized in power tools, AC motors, inverters, UPS and other applications. PD fast charging and power management ICs are also the top priorities of Sac Micro. With the advancement of technology, the demand for PD fast charging and power management ICs is also rising rapidly, which will bring new opportunities to the development of a new generation of semiconductors. opportunity. Therefore, Sac Micro also seized this opportunity to launch a full-scale online marketing plan to achieve the purpose of rapidly enhancing the brand awareness and influence of Sac Micro.



SLKOR products have been fully launched on e-commerce platforms such as Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc.com), Weixiang Mall, Hard City, Baidu baidu Ai Sourcing, Jingdong jd e-commerce platform, Alibaba 1688, Huaqiu Mall, etc. The sales volume has also achieved remarkable results, allowing customers to understand the "SLKOR" brand of Saco Micro more intuitively and enhance the influence of the brand.



These are Slkor's current series of products. While using the entire network marketing of the Internet to rapidly increase brand awareness and influence, Slkor is also making continuous efforts in the development and production of new semiconductor material components such as gallium nitride (GaN). The current network-wide marketing model is expected to serve customers in the near future, allowing more potential customers to know and understand Slkor.

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