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A Transformation from Zero to an Annual Salary of RMB 600,000 --- Story of He Junju, Sales Director of Slkor

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He Junju, sales director of Slkor (i)


  He Junju, the sales director of Slkor, said sincerely, “Slkor makes progress step by step in a down-to-earth manner, so do I! I have faced ups and downs on my way ahead but thanks to Slkor’s guidance, I become better and better.After years of painstaking efforts, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. has become a high-tech enterprise integrated with deign and R & D, production and manufacturing, sales services from a simple IP design company. I’ve also promoted as Slkor’s sales director from zero and my pay raise from RMB 2,600/month at the very beginning to annual salary of RMB 600,000. As Slkor’s sales director, I have the dry shares of both Slkor and Kinghelm. That’s my transformation process. The two companies will also be listed soon.”


Slkor’s slide information display (i)


   “I was enrolled in Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) in 2014 when Song Shiqiang, our general manager, just began to cooperate with research team from Yonsei University on SiC project! I am lucky to be a member of the high-tech enterprise as a fresh graduate. It gives me a chance to realize my transformation from a fresh graduate to the core employee of a high-tech enterprise. It opens a new chapter for my life. Slkor provides me a platform to learn and realize self-improvement while working.”, said He Junju to the journalist.



He Junju, sales director of Slkor (ii)


   Slkor has made a lot of efforts in constantly enlarging its scale and creating its brand “Slkor”. The process above also reflects Slkor’s change from introducing advanced technologies overseas to the domestication of whole industry chain as a semiconductor enterprise. Our team and GM Mr. Song also appreciate this big era of information as well as China’s call of semiconductor “domestication”. All of the above give us a golden chance and make us what we are today.


Information on Slkor’s official website(www.slkormicro.com)


Slkor has launched a variety of products. Slkor industrial and military products at present include: SiC diodes, SiC MOS, IGBT tube, and the 5th generation of dioxide with ultra-fast power recovery, all of which could satisfy the industries such as NEVs, high-end equipment, communication and electronic equipment, solar photovoltaic, and medical devices; civilian and consumer products includes: Power devices including MOS of low, middle and high voltage,silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) and bridge rectifier; Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode,TVS transient suppression diode,general diode and transistor, power management chip, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, etc., which could be applied to many different fields such as smartphone, laptop, intelligent robot, smart home, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Vehicles (IoV), LED lighting, 3C digital products, etc. significantly. We will launch more products and provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services.


    As a saying goes, “Heaven rewards those who are industrious”, excellent working performance cannot be separated from knowledge, perseverance and efforts. Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) has cultivated my personality of persistence and progress. With the constant development of knowledge economy and information society, the society will prefer inter-disciplinary talents with “prominent specialty and comprehensive competence”. Under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqing, Slkor will grow rapidly and I will also realize self-improvement in every aspect actively to comply with the latest development trend of semiconductor industry as well as Slkor and Kinghelm (www.bds666.com)



Parameters of Slkor’s Hall sensor



   By following the corporate culture of “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail” and corporate ethics that “Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you”, Slkor and Kinghelm have presented great performance for investors, employees and the society in order to create values for the industry chain and the society on the principle of coordinated development, openness and inclusiveness.


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