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Slkor Enables Landray OA Intelligent Office System to Strengthen Digital Management of Enterprise Information and Create Knowledge-Based Organization

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With constant progress of technology, particularly for information development, the hi-tech enterprise Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. has achieved profound cooperation with domestic ecological OA – Landray and will apply Landray OA intelligent office system formally this August, in hope to improve the Company’s integrated management efficiency in intelligent office, mobile portal, knowledge engineering management, process management, expense control and office of information technology application innovation. 



Landray – the Ecological OA Trend Leader


Established in 2001, Landray is an OA ecological leader of office automation, the professional service provider of digital work and a national standard-setting organization for knowledge management. To improve the normative work process and facilitate the company’s management; help employees advance work rapidly and improve work efficiency dramatically, Slkor’s general manager Song Shiqiang decided to introduce Landray’s OA system on the occasion of vigorous development of the company, and the system will be put into operation formally in this August after the preliminary intense commissioning and import of lots of data. 



Interface of Slkor’s Landray OA Intelligent Office System


Slkor has entered all information about its products and product specifications to Landray OA intelligent office system and began to use them. To make employees get better experience in management in the era of mobile Internet and achieve the company’s intelligent and convenient management, Slkor decided to access to DingTalk after communication with Landray’s person in charge of OA intelligent office, so that all employees could enjoy the paperless and digital process management and knowledge management, which improved Slkor’s work efficiency remarkably. 


Advertising poster of Slkor’s products 

Slkor has ushered very fast development speed in recent years and it also develops online promotion extensively, including the online famous platforms such as Baidu, BaiduAipurchase, WWW.SZLCSC.COM, www.hqchip.com, www.ichunt.com, Tmall and 1688. Slkor’s leading products include the SiC power devices such as MOS field effect tube, IGBT, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), optocoupler, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode, Schottky diode, SiC MOS, universal diode and triode, which are widely applied to the industries such as 3C camera, power supply equipment, motor drive, inverter and Bluetooth headset TWS.



Training Site of Slkor’s Landray OA System


The Landray OA intelligent system that Slkor introduces helps the company a lot and realizes meticulous and definite process management of the company;contributes tothe enterprise’s information, standard and process management and Slkor’s strong knowledge engineering management and significantly enhances Slkor’s development in the future. Slkor’s brother company Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.BDS666.com) also enabled Landray OA intelligent office system in the meantime.


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