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New Product Training on Slkor’s ESD/TVS Devices

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On July 1, 2021, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) carried out a round of new product training for all staff of the company. Themed with ESD/TVS new product training, the activity was aimed to increase all staff’ product knowledge reserve and expand their understanding on ESD/TVS products. 



Contents of ESD Training Course



This training focused on the contents such as surge introduction, difference between ESD protective device and TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode, function of ESD electrostatic protection device and type selection and application of ESD/TVS product. Through this training, all staff of Slkor had a new understanding on ESD/TVS and were able to recommend more suitable products to customers in the future.



Contents of TVS Training Course



The type selection training of ESD/TVS product helped Slkor’s sales personnel a lot. Sales personnel could recommend more suitable ESD/TVS protective devices to customers according to various current and voltage parameters. Teacher also showed how to recommend product to customer when there is no parameter product requested by customer. It must be very conductive to sales personnel’s work. 



Training Site of Slkor’s New Products



Teacher also discussed with alltrainees at last. Just as the academic discussion in university, it is of great significance: Deepen employees’ understanding on products and make sure employees could introduce products to customers more skillfully based on therich knowledge reserve. 



Slkor’s ESD/TVS Training and Exchange



This training yielded a remarkable effect on both individual employees and the company. Besides the forward-looking leader and complete organizational structure, enterprise also needs a strong team in course of development. A method to improve team strength is training. A team’s strength will be improved naturally after ability improvement of all members, which further enhances strength of an enterprise. 



Training Site of Slkor’s ESD Product


Slkor’s general manager Song Shiqiang attaches great importance to it and organizes all kinds of training for employees irregularly, in hope to improve employee abilities comprehensively. Mr. Song always insists on the strategies of “talent introduction” and “talent going out. This training was exactly the full embodiment of talent introduction. Engineer Li, expert of ESD/TVS industry, was invited to this training, who gave a wonderful lecture on products based on the very profound study on ESD/TVS. Mr. Song also emphasizes “talent going out” all the time, which involves not only employees but also the entire senior management including Mr. Song. For example, Song Shiqiang and Zheng Zhangbiao (deputy general manager) participated in the exchange and learning of JiWei Semiconductor Summit in Xiamen this June.


TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) Diode


No end for learning. As an ancient saying goes, Learning without thinking leads to confusion;thinking without learning ends in danger.” We need to keep learning and improving to keep up with the swift development of society. Mr. Song always spends two hours to learn every day, which drives the company’s learning atmosphere: All of us want to improve ourselves. The company’s irregular training not onlycreates a self-improvement opportunity for all employees undoubtedly but also is a solid step for Slkor having its electronic component products (e.g. Hall component, MOS field effect tube, ESD/TVS,LDO, Schottky diode, universal diode and triode, IGBT single tube and power supply management IC) seizing market shares and becoming a famous brand in both domestic and overseas markets. 

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