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Slkor is Committed to “Localization”, with Its TVS Transient Suppression Diodes Replacing Similar Products from Vishay

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ShenZhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. is mainly specialized in power devices. Based in China, it has supplied services for the whole world. After years of painstaking efforts, Slkor has gradually developed from an IP design companyinto a high-tech enterprise integrated with design, R & D, production and manufacturing, sales and services, etc. of power devices. Slkor is determined to become “the leader of domestic power device industry" and its brand “Slkor” has taken prevalence in semiconductor industry. 



Slkor’s TVS transient suppression diode SMAJ5.0A 


Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) has ushered rapid development in recent years. While consolidating its position in the power device market, Slkor is also engaged in TVS transient suppression diodes, drive IC, power management IC, AC-DC, LDO, Hall electromagnetic sensors, etc., and has formed an ecological chain together with Slkor power devices for the purpose of harmonious development. Slkor’s domestic products could substitute the products frommany world’s famous brands such as DIODES, Vishay, TI, ON, NXP and IR. Slkor SMBJ5.0A could substitute Vishay SMBJ5.0A-E3/52. After testing, the parameters of Slkor SMBJ5.0A have reached the requirements and its stability can be comparable to similar products of Vishay. In addition, other models of Slkor’s TVS transient suppression diode can substitute the TVS transient suppression diode of Vishay one to one, such as Slkor SMAJ5.0A – Vishay SMAJ5.0A-E3/61, Slkor SMBJ15A – Vishay SMBJ15A-E3/52, Slkor SMBJ36CA – Vishay SMBJ36CA-E3/52, Slkor SMBJ12CA – Vishay SMBJ12CA-E3/52, Slkor SMAJ5.0CA – Vishay SMAJ5.0CA-E3/61, Slkor SMBJ24A – Vishay SMBJ24A-E3/52, Slkor SMBJ6.0CA – Vishay SMBJ6.0CA-E3/52, Slkor SMBJ16CA – Vishay SMBJ16CA-E3/52, Slkor SMAJ24CA -- Vishay SMAJ24CA-E3/61.


Slkor’s TVS transient suppression diode can substitute not only similar products of Vishay but also TVS transient suppression diode of DIODES, such as: Slkor SMAJ15CA –DIODES SMAJ15CA-13-F, Slkor SMBJ12A – DIODES SMBJ12A-13-F, Slkor SMAJ5.0CA – DIODES SMAJ5.0CA-13-F, Slkor SMBJ24CA –DIODES SMBJ24CA-13-F, Slkor SMAJ33CA – DIODES SMAJ33CA-13-F, Slkor SMBJ5.0A – DIODES SMBJ5.0A-13-F, Slkor SMAJ6.0A – DIODES SMAJ6.0A-13-F, Slkor SMAJ24A – DIODES SMAJ24A-13-F, Slkor SMAJ5.0A –DIODES SMAJ5.0A-13-F.



Slkor’s TVS transient suppression diode SMBJ6.5CA


Slkors TVS transient suppression diode refer to a kind of high performance diode protection device. When the two poles of TVS diode are impacted by reverse transient high energy, it can change the high impedance between two poles into low impedance at the speed of 10-12 picosecond and absorb surge power up to several kilowatts, so that the voltage clamp between the two poles is located at a predetermined value, protecting the precision components in the electronic circuit from being damaged by various surge pulseseffectively.Featured by fast response, large transient power, low leakage current, small breakdown voltage deviation, easy control of clamp voltage, no damage limit and a small size, it has been widely used in computer systems, communication equipment, AC/DC power supplies, automobiles, electronic ballasts, household appliances, instrumentation (watt-hours meter), Rs232/422/423/485, I/O, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3, PDAS, GPS, CDMA, GSM, digital camera protection, common mode/differential mode protection, RF coupling /IC drive receiving protection, motor electromagnetic wave interference suppression, audio/video input, sensor/transmission, engineering control loop, relay, contactor noise suppression, etc.


TVS is mainly used for rapid over-voltage protection of circuit components and could "absorb" surge signals of several kilowatts of power with such strengths as a small size, high power, fast response, no noise and a low price. It is widely used in many fields, such as: household appliances, electronic instruments, instruments, precision equipment, computer system, communication equipment, RS232, 485 and CAN communication ports, ISDN protection, I/O ports, IC circuit protection, audio/video input, Ac/DC power supply, motor, relay noise suppression, etc.



Package of Slkor’s TVS transient suppression diode


Slkor (www.slkormicro.com), as a domestic rising company that endeavors to substitute overseas brands in domestic semiconductor industry, strives to break through the restrictions on chips by European and American countries. In the future, we will also make more efforts in R&D, production and sales of domestic power devices such as MOS tube, IGBT, Hall component, optocoupler, SCR (silicon controlled rectifiers), Schottky diode, silicon carbide device, ESD anti-static diode, TVS transient suppression diode and ordinary diode triode as well as analog electronic devices, launching more Slkors products and domestic new products that could substitute overseas brands.



 Slkor's newly opened image store in Huaqiang North


Slkor’s batch products and samples, including Slkor ICs such as Slkor SL27517 and other models are available at many different online platforms, including www.slkormicro.com, www.szlcsc.com, www.hqchip.com, (www.ichunt.com), www.ickey.cn, www.taoic.com, www.hqbuy.com, www.allchips.com, www.oneyac.com, www.hqew.com, www.ic.net.cn, www.1688.com, www.sekorm.com, etc. For offline channels, customers could get access to free samples at its image in Huaqiang Electronic World at No. 1 Building, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District. Contact person: Mr. Huang (tel.: 0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802).



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