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Slkor Enabled Kingdee KIS Cloud System &Landray OA System to Enhance Informatization and Digitization Management and Build Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Organization!

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) introduced Kingdee KIS Cloud System in order to improve its digitization, informatization, standardized and process management. The system could help the company with data sorting and standardized management. A standardized working process can improve the company’s management and enable employees to finish their work quickly, increasing work efficiency greatly.

Sacco Micro Semiconductor SLKOR Kingdee KIS Cloud System Interface 

Slkor’s Kingdee KIS cloud system interface


Kingdee System is a time-honored system which has been launched for 30 years marketing and it is relatively mature through continuous updates and improvement. At the very beginning, Slkor invested a lot of manpower and resources when enabling the system, which could lay a good foundation for its long-term development of the company and maximize its working efficiency.


When enabling the system at the very beginning, the company finishedcollecting,sorting and importing previous data into system within several days with the joint efforts as well as Song Shiqiang’s emphasis on informatization and standardization. Work coordination and deployment become very clear and the specific responsibilities are arranged to the corresponding persons. As said by Kingdee’s engineer responsible for system installation for Slkor and Kinghelm excitedly, the efficiency of Slkor was 100% higher than the average efficiency of all the rest companies that they knew using the system. Slkor has the potential to develop into a giant enterprise, because of its team full of energy, executive force, and strongly rational and logical work style as well as the seamless coordination of employees, including procurers and warehouse specialists who worked very late to 11:00 p.m. By contrast, with Kingdee system, time for data entry is reduced than expected, which also leaves more time for Kingdee to troubleshoot problems and optimize the system later.



Mr. Song, general manager of Sac Micro, at the working interface of Kingdee KIS cloud system 

GM Mr. Song’s working interface on Kingdee KIS Cloud System



Kingdee KIS System has established a complete set of supply chain system, with perfect management ranging from raw material supply, warehousing and ex-warehousing, sales and financial data. The whole system plays a vital role in realizing Slkor’s data informatization management, providing explicit data basis for the company to attract external investment in the future. It actually means another step that the company has made for its listing.



Promotion map of Sacco SLKOR semiconductor MOS tube and other products 

Publicity poster of Slkor MOS tubes



Slkor has ushered a rapid development speed and laid special emphasis on online promotion in recent years, including Baidu, b2b.baidu.com, www.szlcsc.com, www.hqchip.com, www.Ichunt.com, tmall.com, 1688.com, etc. It has also opened Slkor direct-sale store in Huaqiang North so as to promote Slkor’s SiC devices on the market, Hall component, MOS, field-effect tube, high-speed optocoupler, TTVS transient suppression diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, Schottky diode, COOLMOS, SiC, etc. and to enable more engineers and electronic product R & D enterprises to choose Slkor’s products in need.



Sako Micro Semiconductor SLKOR Huaqiang North Direct Store 

Slkor’s direct-sale store in Huaqiang North Commercial Area



With a fast development speed, Slkor has opened a image store in Huaqiang North to directly sell its products and provide better services to all traders in Huqiang North. Therefore, data support by Kingdee System is needed seriously. General manager Song Shiqiang said, “Introducing Kingdee KIS Cloud System now is actually a good opportunity for Slkor to improve internal management process and purchase-sales-inventory management. Kingdee provides strong support and organizational structure for Slkor’s future development, besides its advantages of improving informatization, standardized, process and digitization management.


Sacco Micro slkor semiconductor informatization digital intelligent system is introduced into the training site 

Slkor’s training about importing informatization, digitization and intelligent system



Kinghelm owned by GM Mr. Song has also introduced Kingdee KIS Cloud System. With a fast development speed in recent years, Kinghelm has also arranged comprehensive online promotion channel, including Baidu, b2b.baidu.com, www.szlcsc.com, www.hqchip.com, www.Ichunt.com, tmall.com, 1688.com,www.sekorm.com, etc. Kinghelm’s products mainly include RJ45-RJ45 network, connector for industrial Internet interface, patch cordof RF connector, RF microwave coaxial cable connector, Type-C connector, Type-C connector for HDMI interface, pin header, SMA, SMB, FPC, FFC aerial connectors, waterproof connector for antenna transmission, USB connector for HDMI interface, terminal cable connector, wire connecting terminal for terminal block, terminal block, RFID label, positioning and navigation antenna, connecting wire for GSM communication antenna, ZYJB and sucker antenna, 433 antenna and 4G antenna, GPS module antenna, etc., all of which have been applied to aerospace, communication, military, instruments and apparatus, security, medical device, etc.


SLKOR colleagues from Sacco Semiconductor are discussing the details of Kingdee KIS cloud implementation 

Employees of Slkor Discussing Information Details of Inputting Kingdee KIS Cloud



As always stressed by GM Song Shiqiang, informatization, standardization, process as well as intelligence of Kinghelm and Slkor support their development basically. The key to success of those two companies in competition ishigh data processing speed and work intelligence. We will make good use of kingdee System and Landray OA System to safeguard the development of the companies by informatization and digitization!


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