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Exert Potential Fully on Market --- Slkor’s Employee Received a Bonus for His First Order over RMB 100,000 After the 2022 Spring Festival

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As a saying goes, the whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring, in 2022, a year that is critical to Slkor, Slkor prioritizes its incentive measures. Mr. Song Shiqiang, GM of Slkor, together with the senior executive team, has formulated a series of incentive measures covering all employees including salesmen, sales team, R & D workers, logistic support personnel of warehouses. In particular, whoever receives the first order of RMB 100,000 after the spring festival will be granted RMB 10,000 by cash.

Song Shiqiang, GM of Slkor, awarded bonuses for his employees



Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) made a good start at the beginning of 2022. On February 18, Lai Jiren, sales manager of Slkor, received an order of RMB 180,000 which had been transferred to Slkor’s bank account, just after Song Shiqiang announced the incentive mode! Song asked cashier to award bonuses to Lai immediately, reminding him to buy some fruits for his colleagues! In the face of fierce competition, Slkor’s team has created new sales channels and under the guidance of the general manager, its online sales is booming, which enhances brand popularity, publicizes Slkor’s main products such as diode, transistor, MOSFET and power management IC, and yields a higher sales volume and more orders for Sales Department.

Slkor’s corporate culture: “Integrity and Progress”



Song Shiqiang, together with Slkor’s deputy GM Li Hua, sales director He Junju and Kinghelm’s deputy GM Cheng Yujie and director Deng Haifeng, awarded RMB 10,000 to Lai near the clean and tidy reception desk. All colleagues of Slkor and Kinghelm witnessed the moment, and also appreciated the company’s energy and good business performance with smile and happiness. Xiao Lai’s “thanks” also reflected employees’ gratitude and sense of belonging for the company.

Slkor’s corporate culture of “Toughness and Detail”



As said by GM Song, “making money in Slkor is our ultimate goal of working here. We can gain profit and fame at the same time”. Slkor and Kinghelm formulated the incentive policies in order to encourage each team member to work hard and ensure their efforts will be paid off, thus building a team with wolf spirit. By following the belief of “chasing excellence and achievement” and corporate culture of “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail”, Slkor’s team continues to upgrade training, seize market opportunity and integrate resources to promote the influence of “Slkor” brand. Therefore, our sales team can receive such a big order within a short time.”

He Junju, Slkor’s director offered training for new employees


In 2022, Slkor has recruited many new talents to expand the team and has also updated its office environment. Each team member works progressively. By abiding by the corporate culture of “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail”, Slkor has made remarkable progress in terms of construction of online brand, sales and revenue. The company always extends its care to frontline salesmen and ensures equal and fair payment.


Wall with Slkor’s corporate culture: “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail”



Slkor is dedicated to becoming the “leader in domestic semiconductor industry”. Market is limited but our ambition has no border. As “boundless is the sea for fish to dive at will, unlimited is the sky for birds to fly at ease”, Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) provides every employee with best development prospect, high-quality platform and complete logistic assurance to earn more profits and make contributions to China’s integrated circuit undertakings!


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