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TVS of Slkor Can Replace Similar Products of ONsemi

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Slkor has ushered rapid development in recent years. Besides consolidating its status in power device market, it has also improved the layout of products including TNS, drive IC, power management IC, AC-DC, LDO and Hall componentsin order to form coordinated development with power devices to build the ecology of Slkor and the brand Slkor. Slkor’s domestication products can replace the products from many world’s famous brands such as NXP, IR, DIODES, Vishay, TI, and ON. MMBZ5V6AL of Slkor can replace the products from ON with all parameters reaching indicators specified through test. In addition, the products of other models can replace ON’s TVS of different models respectively. SlkorMMBZ6V2AL can replace the products of ON, SlkorMMBZ6V8AL can replace the products of ON, SlkorMMBZ12VAL can replace the products of ON, SlkorMMBZ15VAL can replace the products of ON, SlkorMMBZ12VAL can replace the products of ON, MMBZ18VAL can replace the products of ON, MMBZ27VAL can replace the products of ON, RCLAMP0524P can replace ESDR0524P of ON, ESD2105L can replace NUP2105L of ON, ESD5Z3V3 can replace congeneric products of ON such as ESD5Z3.3T1G.


TVS SMBJ6.5CA of Slkor

Slkor’s TVS is a high-performance diodeprotective device. It works as follows: When the two poles of TVS are impacted by high power of back transient, it can reduce high impedance into a low one at a speed of 10-12 /sec, absorbing surge power of over several kilowatts to set the voltage clamp at a predetermined value. In this way, precision elements in electronic circuit can be protected from electrical surge efficiently. Featured by quick response, high transient power, low leakage current, small breakdown voltage deviation, easy control of clamping voltage, no damage limit and small volume, TVS products are applicable to many different fields, such as computer system, communication equipment, AC/DC power supply, automobile, electronic ballast, household appliances, instruments and apparatus (electricity meter), protection of RS232/422/423/485, I/O, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3, PDAS, GPS, CDMA, GSM and digital camera, protection of common mode/difference module, RF coupling/ IC drive receiving protection, interference suppression of motor electromagnetic wave, voice/ video input, sensor/variator, industrial control loop, noise suppression of relay and contactor, etc.



Slkor’s TVS SMAJ5.0A


TVS is mainly used for quick over-voltage protection (OVP) for circuit components by absorbing surge signal, the power of which reaches over several kilowatts. With many advantages including small volume, high power, quick response, no noise, low price, etc., TVS has been widely used in household appliances; electronic device; instrument; precision equipment; computer system; communication equipment; RS232, 485 and CAN communication port; protection of ISDN; I/O port; IC circuit protection; voice/ video input; AC/DC power supply; noise suppression of electrical machinery and relay, etc. It can avoid over-voltage pulse caused by operational errors of lightning, load switch, etc.effectively.



Slkor’s best-selling TVS


As a rising star in the field of semiconductor domestication, Slkor has endeavored to break the technical restrictions on China’s “semiconductors” by European and American countries. As said by Song Shiqiang, general manager of Slkor, “Slkor will improve R&D, production and sales of domestic power devices, such as silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), Schottky diode, high-voltage MOS, FET, IGBT tube of middle and low voltage, Hall components, optocoupler, SiC element, ESD, TVS and common diodes and transistors. It would also lay more emphasis on simulation electronic element and launch more Slkor products and products that could replace products from overseas brands.”


Slkor’s new image store in Huaqiang North


Batch products or samples of Slkor’s TVS of different models are available atour official website (www.slkormicro.com) and other online platforms such as Sekorm (www.sekorm.com), Lichuang E-commerce (www.szlcsc.com), Huaqiu E-commerce (www.hqchip.com), IC Hunt (www.ichunt.com), ICkey (www.ickey.cn), iPurchasing (www.taoic.com), Ixmall (www.wlxmall.com), Allchips (www.allchips.com), Oneyac (www.oneyac.com), Huaqiang Electronics (www.hqew.com), IC Trading (www.ic.net.cn), and Alibaba (www.1688.com). Free sample is also available at our image store in Huaqiang North Commercial Area. (Building 1, Huaqiang Electronics World, Huaqiang North Road, FutianDistrict). Contact person: Mr. Huang (Tel.:0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802). 

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