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Slkor’s SL27517 and Other Domestic ICs Substitute TI’s Similar Products Entirely

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Slkor brand of ShenZhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) was first originated from Korea. After years of efforts by General Manager Song Shiqiang and Slkor's team, the brand could realize domestication of core IP design of components, wafer flow, packaging test, sales services and other key links, making it a typical brand producing “Chinese chips"”Slkor has become a well-known brand that highlights "domestication" in semiconductor industry.


The minimum package of Slkor’s IC (SL27517)


Slkor has made significant progress in the R & D of drive IC in recent years, which, as a result, has constantly consolidated its market position in power devices, and enabled it to explore IC, AC-DC, LDO and other products actively. Its products can replace products of many different models from world’s famous brands such as TI, ON, NXP, IR, etc. In particular, Slkor SL27517 takes prevalence among customers, which can replace TI UCC27517ADBV and UCC27533DBV. According to the test results, all parameters of Slkor SL27517 meet the specified indexes and its stability is as good as TI's products of the same type. In addition, other models of Slkor’s semiconductors can replace TI’s drive IC one by one, such as SLKOR SL27511 that can replace TI UCC27511, SLKOR SL27525 that can replace TI UCC27525, SLKOR SL27517 that can replace TI UCC27517, SLKOR SL27523 that can replace TI UCC27523 and SLKOR SL27524 that can replace TI UCC27524.


Propaganda picture of Slkor’s drive IC (SL27517)


IC (Drive Circuit), which is installed between the main circuit and the control circuit, is an intermediate circuit used to amplify the signal of control circuit (that is to say, to amplify the signal of control circuit in order to drive power transistor).


Slkor 27523 IC is designed to amplify the PWM pulse output by control circuit to drive the power transistor - switching power amplifier.


The basic task of IC is to convert the signal from information electronic circuit into the signal added between control end and common end of the power electronic device according to the requirements of its control target so as to connect/disconnect signals. In addition, control enabling signal is required only for the semi-controlled device but both control enabling and disabling signals should be provided for the fully controlled device so as to turn on/off device reliably based as required.


Outer package of Slkor’s IC



As a “domestication” brand in semiconductor industry, Slkor has endeavored to break through the restrictions of European and American countries on Chinese chip technology. In the future, we will also increase the R&D of domestic power devices such as MOS tubes, IGBT, Hall components, optocouplers, Silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR), Schottky diodes, Silicon carbide device, ESD static protection diodes, TVS transient suppression diodes, universal diodes and triodes, and launch more domestication products.



Slkor’s new image store in Huaqiang North

Slkor’s batch products and samples, including Slkor ICs such as Slkor SL27517 and other models are available atmany different online platforms, including www.slkormicro.com, www.szlcsc.com, www.hqchip.com, (www.ichunt.com), www.ickey.cn, www.taoic.com, www.hqbuy.com, www.allchips.com, www.oneyac.com, www.hqew.com, www.ic.net.cn, www.1688.com, www.sekorm.com, etc. For offline channels, customers could get access to free samples at its image in Huaqiang Electronic World at No.1 Building, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District. Contact person: Mr. Huang (tel.: 0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802).


Besides ushering its rapid development in South China market, Slkor has also set off its stepto explore East China and North China markets. Slkor's products and brand have also enhanced their influence. Currently, the company is working with Suzhou E-easy Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. and the platform www.ezezic.com of E-easy, in order to enhance Slkor brand and products. Since the launch of its electronic components inventory trading platform www.ezezic.com at the end of 2016, it has continuously provided inventory processing services for nearly 500 major enterprises, including Foxconn, Xiaomi, H3C, Star-net, Newland, BOE, Goertek, TE Connectivity, Etron, Qisda, Compal Video, AdvanTech, Mengchuang Network, Universal Scientific Industrial, Nanjing Sunlord Electronics, creating considerable environmental protection benefits. Slkor's products, including SL27517, SL27523, SL27524 and SL27525, will be showcased in the "TI Domestication" IC special session of E-easy Electronic Conference.

[www.ezezic.com/paimai.html (PC terminal); http://m.ezezic.com/paimai/epai (Mobile terminal)], looking forward to your attention!

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