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Slkor Set up its Brand Direct-Sale Store in Huaqiang North

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Slkor’s brand direct-sale store was opened at Huaqiang North, “No. 1 Electronic Product Block”, at 9: 00 a.m., August 24!! (Location: Room 11C019 near the gate of B1, No.1Building, old Huaqiang Electronic Product Market and closed to Huaqiang Road A Exit of Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and next to the busy Shennan Avenue). With a large customer flow, convenient traffic and outstanding ads position, it is a very valuable place complying with Slkor’s positioning of “high-end image”. The store in Huaqiang North, which is hailed as an everlasting exhibition of electronic products, could enhance the popularity of Slkor brand in Huaqiang North, and even in many other aspects of electronic industry. The store could also boost the sales volume of Slkor’s products in Huaqiang North and provide quick and considerable one-stop services to customers in Huaqiang North electronic product sector. Contact person: Mr. Huang (Tel.: 0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802).



Slkor was first originated from Huaqiang North, which opened its application market nationwide in virtue of SiC power element technology from Korea. It complies with the latest “domestication” trend in China. As required by GM Song Shiqiang, Slkor’s core technologies such as R&D and IP must be independent and within control. Slkor has developed into a national brand of domestic electronic products and power devices. Slkor’s vision is to become "the leader of domestic semiconductor industry”. Mr. Song is also the founder of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com)and a famous Beidou expert and columnist. With a strong focus on the R & D and sales of Beidou GPS antenna, Type-C connector and other products, Kinghelm is a typical enterprise engaged in Beidou GPS antenna industry.


Song Shiqiang has been always focusing on and studying Huaqiang North, and compiled many articles on the analysis of Huaqiang North’s traditional business model, explored Huaqiang North’s development and transformation, proposed to purify and normalize Huaqiang North’s business environment in hope to make Huaqiang North a time-honored business card for the great achievements of the reform and opening-up of Shenzhen. “Beidou Expert” Song Shiqiang from Kinghelm Re-talking about Beidou Satellite, Beidou Navigation Positioning System and Beidou Antenna RF Transmission Connector, Kinghelm’s Song Shiqiang Talking about Beidou BDS(Volume 1 & 2), Kinghelm’s Song Shiqiang Talking about Beidou BDS666, Beidou BDS666 with 500 Million Users or Benefiting 7 Billion in 2025! Kinhelm’s Summary of Application Fields of Beidou. Terrible? China is Alienated from Industry Chain of Global Semiconductor, Some Anecdotes in Huaqiang North Electronic Sector, Shenzhen Ranked No.1 among Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen for 8 Years, Huaqiang North’s Tomorrow, Difficulties and Glories: Domestication of Integrated Circuit (Volume 1),China’s Chip will Win in the Battle between Beidou and GPS, Transmission of Huaqiang North Distributors (Volume 1, 2 &3), How Enterprises in Huaqiang North Come out of Difficulties and Realize Development? (Volume 1, 2 &3), etc. written by Song Shiqiang were reprinted by media such as www.elecfans.com, Shenzhen Dream (the famous We Media in Shenzhen), Gelonghui, Eefocus Net, HQEW.net, Technology Channel of Sohu, Shenzhen Economic Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, SiC Expert and electronic circle.


Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) has ushered rapid development after leaving Huaqiang North, and comes back now after winning certain achievements to improve the development of and make contributions to Huaqiang North.




Slkor provides customers with products such as field-effect tube, MOS tube, LDO power management IC, AC/DC, SiC MOS tube, IGBT, SiC, TVS diode, Hall elements, Schottky diode and transistor, which can apply to TWS Bluetooth headset, motor drive,  PD fast charger, switching power supply, charging pile, power adapter, floor mopping robot, inverter, lithium battery protection, etc. The products available in the store include Slkor MOS tubes of 2N7002 , BSS138 and SL10N65; Slkor Schottky diode of SS14, SS24, SS16, BAT54C and SD103AWS; Slkor TVS diodes of SMAJ5.0A ,SMBJ6.5CA andSMAJ30CA; switching diodes of 1N4148W and LL4148;ESD diodes of SLPESD0402M16 and SLPESD0603-24; Slkor linear voltage regulators LDO of AMS1117-3.3, AMS1117-5.0 and SL78L05; TL431, MC34063S, T LM2575S-5.0 power management ICs; Slkor Darlington tubes of ULN2803AS, ULN2003AU and TIP122;transistors of S8050, SS8550, MMBT5401 and MMBT5551;Hall switch sensors of SL1613SH and SL1603SL; SCR of BTA16-800B, BTA24-800B and BT136S-800E; and Slkor operational amplifiers of LM321 and LM358S.


For any business demands, please feel free to contact with Mr. Huang (Tel.: 0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802).



Ad of Slkor Direct-sale Store in Huaqiang North

Products available in Huaqiang North’s direct-sale store are all Slkor brand, including Slkor MOS tubes of 2N7002 , BSS138 and SL10N65;Schottky diodes of SS14, SS24, SS16, BAT54C and SD103AWS;TVS diodes of SMAJ5.0A , SMBJ6.5CA and SMAJ30CA;switching diodes of 1N4148W and LL4148; ESD diodes of SLPESD0402M16 and SLPESD0603-24;Slkor linear voltage regulators LDO of AMS1117-3.3, AMS1117-5.0 and SL78L05;power management ICs of TL431, MC34063S and T LM2575S-5.0;Slkor Darlington tubes of ULN2803AS, ULN2003AU and TIP122; transistors of S8050, SS8550, MMBT5401 and MMBT5551;Hall switch sensor of SL1613SH and SL1603SL; SCRs of BTA16-800B, BTA24-800B and BT136S-800E; Slkor operational amplifiers of LM321 and LM358S.

For any business demands, please feel free to contact with Mr. Huang (tel.: 0755-83260851, QQ: 673140802).

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