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Huning core network strongly supports domestic chips -Siko Micro SLKOR semiconductor participation in the core 6.18 component procurement festival

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Ichunt.com (www.ichunt.com) is a well-known trading platform for electronic components in China. It has excellent technical and operational capabilities, and provides complete electronic components supply chain solutions for a large number of customers. It is well-known in the industry. As a well-known electronic component trading platform, Lixin.com has always strongly supported the domestic substitution of semiconductors. The "Liexi 618" promotion launched this time includes discounts such as full gifts, big coupons, and special area discounts. Rarely ever. Sac Micro SLKOR Semiconductor participated in this 618 promotion as a domestic alternative brand. Shenzhen Sakor Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) SLKOR brand MOS transistor field effect transistor, Hall element, Schottky diode, ESD, TVS, LDO, IGBT single transistor, SiC silicon carbide devices and other products settled in The core-hunting network has achieved impressive sales results.






There are a large number of online traffic and purchase orders in Hunting.com, and Sacco Microelectronics relies on a wealth of power device types and a large stock of stock. The strategic cooperation between the two parties will definitely produce good synergies. As we all know, the annual 6·18 is an opportunity for major e-commerce platforms and merchants to clear their inventories and flush sales, as are Liexi.com and Saco Micro. Therefore, a new round of "Core Hunting 618" promotional activities was launched. The sales volume of SLKOR Semiconductor in this event will definitely rewrite the past and reach a new high.





The 21st century is the information age of the interconnection of all things. Through the Internet, brand awareness can be quickly launched and products can be sold quickly. Sacco Micro Semiconductor also took a fancy to this point and launched the whole network promotion and marketing. With the strong support of the core-hunting network, Sako Micro slkor semiconductors have become even more powerful, and the sales of Sako Micro semiconductors have reached a higher level.






SLKOR has more than 500 products including Hall sensors, MOS transistor field effect transistors, COOLMOS, Schottky diodes, ESD, TVS, LDO, IGBT single transistors, SiC silicon carbide devices and general-purpose diodes and transistors. product. Sac Micro SLKOR semiconductor products have been widely used in various fields, and the demand for SLKOR products in various markets has also exploded. In the consumer electronics market such as Bluetooth headset TWS, there is a shortage of supply. General-purpose diode M7, triode SS8050, diode A7 , TL431 in 3C digital, power supply equipment, motor drive, inverter and other application markets also have a tight supply situation. At present, SLKOR is increasing its own production capacity to meet the needs of various series of products of SLKOR. The normal supply of the core-hunting network allows customers to obtain the required SLKOR products of Sacco Microsemiconductor through the core-hunting network.




Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Sac Micro Semiconductor, said that it is necessary to continue to increase product research and development and market promotion, and to open up opportunities in high-power MOS transistors, integrated circuits, ICs and other products to provide more cost-effective electronic components for the majority of users. Device products, so that millions of electronic engineers can obtain more SLKOR products of Sacco Microsemiconductor through the core hunting network and other sales platforms.




The new crown epidemic has swept the world again this year, bringing serious harm to the entire social stability and economic development. In addition to natural and man-made disasters such as fires, power outages, and water shortages, coupled with factors such as the political game of major powers focusing on the global electronic component industry chain and other factors, the supply chain of electronic components is tense, disorderly, and unbalanced. According to customer feedback, many semiconductor manufacturers are out of stock this year and are seriously unable to meet customer needs. Therefore, Sako Micro Semiconductor SLKOR's entry into Lixin.com believes that it can alleviate the supply and demand problems of more customers and allow millions of electronic engineers to quickly obtain the required electronic components. product.

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