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BYD's new Silicon Carbide factory, set to be the industry's largest, will commence operations in the second half of this year

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International News:

1. On June 25th, Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor Solutions (DS) division will host a global sales strategy conference at its Hwaseong semiconductor factory, with approximately 120 participants.


2. Global chip giant Intel has acquired a stake in East Dongguan Luxshare Precision Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of A-share market leader Luxshare Precision, aiming to enhance Luxshare Precision's competitiveness in related products.


3. Infineon's 200mm Silicon Carbide wafer fab in Kulim has completed its first phase construction. This fab is a core part of Malaysia's $100 billion plan to increase the country's chip production capacity.


4. Sumitomo Electric Industries' third phase project for electronic wires has commenced production in Suzhou High-Tech Zone. Once fully operational, it is expected to add 6,000 kilometers per year of high-performance specialty electronic wire capacity.


5. Kinghelm, an electronic content creator, has achieved significant growth in followers, with over 10,000 new fans in just a few days on its Douyin account (80262480637).


6. India's electronic manufacturing industry is projected to double in size over the next five years, reaching $250 billion. The government is providing ₹760 billion in funding support, including a $10 billion incentive for the semiconductor industry.

China News:

1. The People's Bank of China announced a 500 billion yuan re-lending facility for technological innovation and technical transformation. This initiative aims to encourage financial institutions to invest more in early-stage, small-scale, and high-tech projects.


2. BYD's new Silicon Carbide factory, set to be the industry's largest, will commence operations in the second half of this year.


3. Anmouquan's advanced packaging base in Hunan Xiangjiang New Area has officially started operations. Upon full production, it will achieve an annual capacity of 20 million high-computing power large chips in advanced packaging.


4. Yisiwei Semiconductor Material Industrial Base project has officially settled in Jinwan, Zhuhai. With a total investment of approximately 10 billion yuan, the project plans to establish a production base in Jinwan District.


5. Hefei High-Tech Zhejiang Merchants' Mother Fund has been established with a total scale of 5 billion yuan. It will primarily invest in strategic emerging industries such as next-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, new energy, and new materials.


6. GlobalWafers announced on the 17th that its critical data systems were confirmed undamaged. Affected plants partially resumed production last week, with most plants expected to resume shipments on the 18th.


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