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Swiss Company Unveils World's First 'Living Computer' Made from Human Brain Tissue

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International News:

1. Japan Ships Over 50% of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment to China for Third Consecutive Quarter


For the third consecutive quarter, Japan has exported at least 50% of its semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. This surge is partly due to China's rush to purchase equipment amid impending restriction measures.


2. ASML Mourns Loss of Co-Founder Wim Troost


On June 11, ASML, the lithography machine giant, posted on LinkedIn to mourn the passing of one of its co-founders, Wim Troost.


3. TSMC's 3nm Capacity Fully Booked by Major Companies


Apple, NVIDIA, and other major companies have pre-ordered a significant portion of TSMC's 3nm process capacity. The queue for these orders now extends into 2026.


4. NVIDIA Dominates Global GPU Shipments


Recent data from TechInsights shows that NVIDIA holds the top position in global GPU shipments, with a market share close to 98%.


5. Swiss Company Unveils World's First 'Living Computer' Made from Human Brain Tissue


A Swiss company has introduced the world's first "living computer" constructed from human brain tissue. This groundbreaking device consists of 16 brain organoids.


6. Toshiba to Invest 100 Billion Yen in Semiconductor Business Over Three Years


In an interview, Toshiba's Deputy President Koji Ikegaya announced plans to invest around 100 billion yen (approximately 4.623 billion RMB) in its semiconductor business over the next three years.


China News:

1. TSMC Chairman Expresses Concerns Over High Product Prices


TSMC's new Chairman Mark Liu has expressed concerns regarding high product prices and hinted at showcasing TSMC's value, a statement interpreted as a signal of potential price increases.


2. China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products Issues Statement on EU Anti-Subsidy Investigation


The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products has issued a statement regarding the preliminary disclosure of the EU's anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicles.


3. Slkor and Kinghelm Salesman Peng Huisheng Achieves Incentive Milestone


Congratulations to Peng Huisheng, a salesperson at Kinghelm, for completing 11 transactions in a single day. The company has awarded him a bonus of ¥2000 as an incentive!


4. Hubei Launches First Quantum Industry Fund


The Wuhan Optics Valley Xin Guang Quantum Technology Investment Fund, Hubei's first quantum industry fund, was officially launched. Initiated by Wuhan Hi-Tech Group, the fund has an initial scale of 100 million RMB.


5. Third RF Filter Innovation Technology Conference to Be Held in Hefei


The 2024 Third RF Filter Innovation Technology Conference, themed "Broadband · Coexistence," is set to take place in Hefei.


6. Lixin Technology Breaks Ground on New RF Chip Packaging Project


On June 12, Lixin Technology commenced construction of its annual 3-billion-unit RF chip packaging project in Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology City, Pinghu Park.


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