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Warm congratulations: Slkor Micro Semiconductor Huaqiang North No.2 Direct Store is booming.

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After intensive preparations, at 9: 38 am on March 2, 2023, the second store of Shenzhen Slkor Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was grandly opened in Huaqiang North! The opening of this brand-new image store not only represents the unremitting efforts of Slkor Micro-Semiconductor in 2022, but also shows that the development of Slkor Micro-Semiconductor is changing with each passing day. On the opening day, Song Shiqiang, general manager of Slkor Micro, as well as the person in charge of the company and the old and new friends from Huaqiang North gathered together to witness this important moment. Mr. Song Shiqiang said: "Huaqiang North itself is a big talent gathering place and information focus. There are many electronic information enterprises from all over the world here in gallants, and we Slkor Micro can gain a foothold in Huaqiang North and successfully open a second Slkor Micro Image Store, which shows that our SLKOR (www.slkormicro.com) is very competitive. Our golden beacon, kinghelm&slkor, is an enterprise that broke out from Huaqiang North. When I grow up, I will also give back to Huaqiang North and contribute to its development. "



Screenshot of promotional poster of Slkor Huaqiang North Second Store

The image design of Slkor Micro slkor Direct Store is simple and elegant, which fully shows the product categories and corporate culture of Slkor Micro. The staff are well-trained and enthusiastic, and the professionalism in electronic components is excellent. The crowds in front of the store are like clouds, and the experts and overseas engineers from Tsinghua University provide technical support for customers in the background. Slkor Micro's warehouse in Longhua can provide customers with fast and accurate services. Popularity and wealth are very prosperous! Ms. Xian, the store manager, has served in Golden Navigation Mark Slkor Micro Company for more than 10 years and is the first employee of the company. Ms. Xian said that after years of struggle with everyone, she was sincerely proud to see that the company was developing better and better. It is said that we must serve Huaqiang North's customers well and work hard for the new journey and new goal of Slkor Micro Semiconductor!



Slkor image store grandly opened in Huaqiang North

Shenzhen Slkor Micro-Semiconductor Co., Ltd., with an elite team graduated from Beijing Tsinghua University and Yonsei University, has mastered the core technology of silicon carbide power devices. Slkor is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, and the brand of "SLKOR" has been accepted by peers and customers. Slkor Micro develops and produces silicon carbide SiC MOS tubes, high and medium voltage field effect tubes, thyristor, bridge reactor, Schottky, ESD, TVS diodes, power management chips, Hall sensors, optocouplers, crystal oscillators and other products, which are widely used in new energy vehicles, communication power equipment, solar photovoltaic, medical care, mobile phones, computers, robots, smart homes, Internet of Things, LED lighting, 3C digital and other industries. As the fastest growing semiconductor company in Huaqiang North, Slkor Micro has shown a strong development momentum.

Clean, tidy and orderly Slkor micro image store

In 2015, Song Shiqiang's Kinghelm Electronics cooperated with the power device technology team of Yonsei University in Korea to establish Slkor Micro Semiconductor Company. Since then, Slkor Micro slkor has been striding and gradually taking root in Huaqiang North. Today, Slkor has opened a second image store in Huaqiang North. Not only that, but after development and growth, the company has nearly 100 employees who provide support in marketing, procurement, publicity and promotion, international publicity and supply chain management, aiming at providing customers with the best solutions and continuously creating value for the development of the industry. Slkor Micro Semiconductor is determined to become a "domestic semiconductor leader", break the long-term monopoly position of foreign brands in the semiconductor field, conform to the trend of "localization" of the semiconductor industry, become an excellent enterprise in the semiconductor equipment industry in China, and contribute to the strength of China Core and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


Everyone from Slkor gathered to celebrate the opening of the second image store in Huaqiang North

Slkor's success can't be separated from Song Shiqiang's "Huaqiang North Spirit". Mr. Song Shiqiang is a private economy researcher in the State Council Economic Development Center, a member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, and an expert in Huaqiang North business research. Song Shiqiang used to be the CEO of an international real estate listed company, and now he invests in Shenzhen Slkor Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Jinhaiwang Electronics Co., Ltd. to build the brands of Slkor Micro "SLKOR" and Jinhaiwang "Kinghelm".


The signboard and promotional electronic screen of Slkor Huaqiangbei Electronics World

Through a deep understanding of the macro-development path of electronic information industry and past lives in Huaqiang North, Mr. Song Shiqiang of Slkor combed and summarized Huaqiang North's powerful market and unique economic development model, and applied this model to the company's development and innovation. The IDM mode of semiconductor power devices to be implemented by Slkor Micro conforms to the development trend of electronic information industry, because it forms a one-stop closed loop from design to production to packaging and testing to sales, which fully meets the requirements of Slkor Micro (www.slkoric.com) for autonomous and controllable operation, and can respond quickly and deal with specific situations according to market reflection.


Slkor  Micro and Golden Navigation Mark will usher in a bright future

At present, the opening of Slkor's second store will open a new chapter in the enterprise. In the future, Slkor Micro will build a tripartite communication mechanism with agents and warehouses with the help of the second image store, polish the gold-lettered signboards of "slkor" and "kinghelm" more brightly, provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality services, and make great contributions to the development of China's semiconductor industry. I believe that under the leadership of General Manager Song Shiqiang, with the joint efforts of all, Slkor Micro Semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) and Kinghelm Electronic (www.kinghelm.com.cn) will be welcomed.

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