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Based in China, Serving the World: Slkor Semiconductor is Recruiting Global Agents

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We sincerely welcome distributors from all over the world!


Shenzhen Slkor Micro Semicon Co., Ltd. is actively exploring the international market, adhering to the development concept of "rooted in China, serving the world," and aiming to bring Slkor Semiconductor's products to the global market. The company is currently recruiting agents and distributors worldwide. General Manager Song Shiqiang stated that they hope to swiftly present Slkor Semiconductor's high-quality products and technical solutions to end customers through the teams, channels, and networks of distributors around the world, providing them with high-quality electronic components and technical services. Slkor Semiconductor (www.slkoric.com) has a technical team composed of Yonsei University in South Korea and Tsinghua University, mastering advanced technologies such as silicon carbide MOSFETs and ultra-fast recovery power diodes. The "SLKOR" brand is well-known and reputable internationally, having already partnered with over 15,000 customers worldwide. Slkor Semiconductor hopes that distributors have professional teams and customer resources in their local areas, possess technical service and sales capabilities, and are willing to share the multi-billion-dollar integrated circuit market, growing together and sharing the benefits to achieve the beautiful vision of Slkor Semiconductor as the "leader in semiconductors." 



Song Shiqiang stated that Slkor Semiconductor has an international DNA, having early on introduced a team specializing in silicon carbide power device technology from Yonsei University in South Korea. This team, combined with returnee technical personnel graduated from Tsinghua University, along with a globally dispersed supply chain and staff from various parts of the world, enables Slkor Semiconductor, in collaboration with Kinghelm Electronics, to provide comprehensive services to clients worldwide. Both Slkor Semiconductor (www.slkoric.com) and Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) have overseas websites available in 104 languages, showcasing Slkor Semiconductor's products and related information to the vast majority of people around the globe.



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In order to smoothly enter the international market, Slkor's products have obtained "California Proposition 65" certification (Report No: KEYS24050817002RH-03). Slkor's products do not contain any chemicals listed on the hazardous substances list and comply with the legal requirements of California, USA. This is beneficial for safeguarding consumer rights and protecting public health.


Slkor products California Proposition 65 testing report


The California Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, requires products containing chemicals known to cause cancer, reproductive harm, or other health hazards to undergo chemical testing and provide warnings when sold in California. This has become an industry standard globally. Prior to this, Slkor had already obtained certification through EU RoHS and REACH testing.




After years of hard work, Slkor (www.slkoric.com) has evolved from a power device design company to a high-tech enterprise integrating production, manufacturing, and sales and services. Slkor's high-end products include Silicon Carbide (SiC) SBD diodes, SiC MOSFET transistors, IGBT transistors, ultra-fast recovery power diodes, Schottky diodes, ESD protection diodes, TVS transient suppression diodes, general-purpose diodes and transistors, high/medium/low voltage MOS transistors, FRD high-voltage diodes, SiC SBD high-voltage diodes, thyristors, bridges, and power management chips such as LDO, AC-DC, and DC-DC.



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Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.kinghelm.net), invested by Mr. Song Shiqiang, has been providing customers with RF microwave antennas, connectors and plugs, as well as customized non-standard products for seventeen years. Together, we offer supporting services to global electronic equipment manufacturers.
Slkor's products are widely used in industries such as smartphones, laptops, robots, transportation, smart homes, car networking, LED lighting, 3C digital products, smart wearables, and IoT.

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 is an open, inclusive, and friendly company that incorporates the spirit of unity, perseverance, openness, and pushing limits from sports into its work culture. The company has formed the "Slkor Warriors Basketball Team." Slkor upholds a company culture and business ethics of fairness, openness, cooperation, and mutual success, fostering friendly collaboration and coordinated development with suppliers, agents, customers, and friends in the ecosystem. Slkor serves society with new technologies and products and, under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, aims to become a "semiconductor industry leader" at an early date!

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