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Slkor Advances Digital Management Steadily and Uses Kingdee Cloud KIS System Flexibly and Effectively

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd., is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in design, production and sales of the products such as power device of integrated circuit of electronic components. “Slkor” brand and technology are from Korea, and with several years of continuous efforts of general manager Song Shiqiang and Slkor team, the company has realized internationalization in the key links such as core IP design of component product, wafer tape-out, package test and sales service and became a real “China Chip” manufacturer and is striving to break through the chip monopoly of European and American countries over China. Slkor’s leading semiconductor products include MOS field effect tube, Hall component, IGBT single tube, SiC device, high-speed photocoupler, ESD electrostatic protection diode, TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode, Schottky diode, COOLMOS and power supply management IC. Slkor has developed and produced the third generation semiconductor SiC component since the beginning of 2010, which is applicable to such fields as NEV, new energy power generation, high power switching power supply and UPS (uninterrupted power supply) as well as and aerospace industries. Slkor’s ordinary power devices (e.g. MOS) can be widely found in the industries such as lithium battery protection plate, floor mopping robot, TWS Bluetooth headset, electronic cigarette, outdoors lighting and PCBA board factory. 



Slkor’s clean and tidy office


Semiconductor industry has been in bad times since 2020 with the US’s chip sanction against China and raging of COVID-19. But Mr. Song believes it is a pretty good development opportunity for Slkor that focuses on “domestication”. Based on last few years of developments and accumulations in all aspects and enormous efforts of all staffs, the company overcame the difficulties such as business trip communication difficulty of design and technical personnel, poor wafer factory capacity, blocked supply chain and low recognition of end customersfor domestic brands this year, and has witnessed performance of “Slkor” brand growing geometrically. Nevertheless, during the rapid development of sales performance, shortcomings of Slkor’s traditional management mode wereemerged and problems occurred in inventory management, supply chain management and rapid internal communication. Therefore, Slkor introduced Kingdee KIS cloud system immediately, to respond to the above situation that would hinder the Company’s development if lasting for a long term.


Website Interface of Slkor


Mr. Song developed the digital and information plan of Slkor in 2018: He requested employees to make digital communication and exchange rapidly and accuratelyas far as possible in daily workfor preparation of the future import of digital system. Upon development of the company’s scale, Slkor enabled Kingdee KIS cloud in June 2021and has started digital construction since then. It introduced digital system software (e.g. KingdeeKIS cloud) and adopted digital, information, process and standardized means, so as to create a data-focused and labor-saving work atmosphere in which company business operation wasshown by data and employees could efficiently learn information from data. It is necessary to use the best of domesticsoftware if wanting to become a first-rate enterprise in semiconductor industry. Therefore, Mr. Song set the short-term objectives: Use Kingdee software flexibly and effectively, absorb the essence that Kingdee accumulates for more than 30 years and build the Company into a digital, information-based and intelligent organization; develop Slkor more rapidly and turn it into a benchmarking enterprise for digital management of small and medium-sized enterprises. After the company gets strong, he will upgrade the original software into the better and stronger product of Kingdee and implement personalized and targeted functional development on the basis of Kingdee product, so as to achieve the vision of becoming “a leader in domestic power device industry”.


Under the background that the State supports domestic semiconductor to solve monopoly of western countries in semiconductor chip field, Slkor improves business mode innovation and core competition through digital transformation and realizes digital, systematized, standardized and process management, which enhances work efficiency and communication accuracy and lowers work mistake.  



Management Interface of Slkor’s Kingdee System


1. Delicacy management improves work efficiency of Slkor team.


Slkor and Kinghelm, owing to the traditional operation and management mode, would face the problems of large personnel workload, efficiency improvement failure and frequent mistakes in communication and coordination after increase of scale and sales, and the massive treatment delay of data also occurred in sales and finance. After the digital transformation with Kingdee KIS, work efficiency was improved by 40% and data of various links wereclear and definite, which was also in favor of division of responsibilities and rights of employees of various departments.


Solve project management problem: Implement integrated and unified management for project operation, implementation and earnings based on basic data of project cluster;      


Solve financial control problem: Build standard project financial management mechanism and make sure financial data are clear and definite; control financial income and expenditure data of each link and lower the company’s financial risk;


Solve data normalization problem: Achieve enterprise normative management (normative management is beneficial to talent training and induction training), to make sure new employees get into work state rapidly.


Solve warehouse management problem: Achieve data-focused warehouse management and make sure warehousing and ex-warehouse data are explicit; improve work efficiency of warehouse keeper, ensure business personnel cold inquire inventory rapidly and show rapid follow-up for customers.


Solve process and standardization problems: Highlight work process and formulate a complete process from purchase to sales and to ex-warehouse with clear logic and explicit data, so as to reduce work mistake and improve work efficiency. With a strong and continuous focus on standard management, Slkor deepens the standardization process further through standard management of Kingdee system upon the introduction of Kingdee KIS cloud.



Flagship Management Interface of Slkor

2. Networked purchase strengthens department coordination of Slkor


Upon application of Kingdee KIS cloud, purchase personnel can learn warehouse inventory and sales department’s performance accurately in real time; supplement product inventory based on data analysis, to avoid inventory surplus and shortage.

Market is changeable, which exists objectively and is unable to be controlled by enterprise. But enterprise could learn market fully after analyzing lots of data acquired, and then, purchase and dispose product according to market condition. Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. Develop our own distinct thoughts and ideas and act firmly and confidentially, for only through that could we take the lead in the industry. 


 Mr Song’s Management Interface of Slkor’s Kingdee KIS Cloud (Flagship Version)


Slkor is a small enterprise at present, and the brand “Slkor” is still in the stage of development. But with increasingly promising development trend of domestic semiconductor industry and rapid growth of domestication, Slkor will also get stronger and stronger, and is expected to cooperate with the large enterprises (e.g. Kingdee) if wanting to take the lead in the industry. According to Mr. Song’s idea, it is needed to seek the best partner to promote our development. Kinghelm and Slkor import OA systems of Kingdee and Landray simultaneously and introduce more than 30 years of management experience of Kingdee KIS Cloud software; accelerate Slkor’s digitalization process based on the digital system management of Kingdee KIS Cloud; by applying Landray OA system software, strengthen process management of Kinghelm and Slkor and make information visual by, so as to build an intelligent and competitive organization. Slkor will continue introducing digital system of enterprise-level PaaS platform that has more complete functions, to promote Slkor’s digital and information development further.

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