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Hometown Snack Festival Kinghelm & Slkor wishes everyone a happy and prosperous 2023

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To make employees happier, the Kinghelm & Slkor 's administrative office organized the Kinghelm & Slkor Chinese New Year Snack Festival to give everyone a unique opportunity to taste the local traditional food and specialties all over China. In the morning of the tenth day of Lunar New Year 2023, a lively food-tasting event was held in the meeting room of Kinghelm & Slkor 's headquarters (2010, 20/F, Block A, Bestar Building, Vanke Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen), where all employees spent a pleasant half day together.




Kinghelm & Slkor's main entrance


On the day of the Snack Festival, the Kinghelm & Slkor’s meeting room was congested with many people, grappling all kinds of exquisite food on the table amid dazzling colors and aromas. General Manager, Song Shiqiang even invited his colleagues from Slkor’s image shop in Huaqiangbei to join the festival! Let's see what kind of food they have brought to the table.




Snack tasting with vibrant vibe



Snack list


The aromatic food attracted all colleagues to pull over and taste its varying flavors. They kept going around the table exclaiming, "This is delicious. That one is tasty. What is this? What is that?". We were tasting along with food commentaries in a very lively atmosphere. Now I would like to introduce some mouth-watering hometown specialties that are very popular in China.




Breeze-dried chicken from Jingmen, Hubei


The breeze-dried chicken from Jingmen, Hubei province, also known as Liu Huang Shu Pozi Chicken, is easy to preserve yet fresh, mellow, soft and tender. It is suitable for both young and adults. It uses a unique marinade technique, preserving a unique flavor that is not oily or greasy and delivering a long aftertaste, which is well-loved by the local people.




Crystal pork from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province


Crystal pork, also known as Crystal feet or Zhenjiang pork, is a traditional dish from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, which celebrates the the exclusivity of Su cuisine. The dish is reddish inside and white on the outside, smooth, with a crystal-like marinade. Hence the name crystal pork. It is served with grated ginger and Zhenjiang vinegar, which gives it a unique flavor. Chen Siyu, a charming girl from our brand promotion department, brought a bottle of Zhenjiang vinegar to teach everyone how to eat it!




Spicy salted duck from Hunan province


Hunan spicy salted duck is a famous dish, which is soaked in more than 30 kinds of precious Chinese herbs and 10 kinds of spices, with a further refinement through 15 procedures such as air-drying and roasting. The finished product is deep red in color with crispy skin and fragrant meat, that is rich in sauce with long-lasting flavor. It has the effect of reactivating the blood, regulating Qi, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and beautifying the skin. It is a kind of savory food that is popular all over China. You can enjoy it with wine or buy it as a gift. With aromatic, spicy, sweet, salty and crunchy flavors, it is a delicious, colorful, low-fat delicacy with an endless aftertaste. It is also very easy to cook.




Surimi cake from Hubei province


Surimi cake, which originated from the State of Chu during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, from Yichang to Jingzhou in Hubei province, is commonly known as Chuyi floral cake. It is made from the main raw materials of surimi, eggs, and pork. A popular dish for all ages, it is soft, nutritious and delicious.




Salt-baked chicken feet from Meizhou, Guangdong


The salt-baked chicken feet is a renowned traditional dish with bright color, charming aroma and delicious taste. It belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. Chefs often say that while making soup, "chicken increases freshness, duck increases fragrance, pork belly increases whiteness, and pork knuckle increases stickiness". This Hakka cuisine has slowly become an icon of its own. This Hakka salt-baked chicken feet is a Hakka delicacy that has evolved from the Hakka salt-baked chicken.




Happy moment of Kinghelm & Slkor Food Festival


In addition to the special foods mentioned above, there are also Chaoshan cakes, a wide variety of seafood, smoked fish, bacon, cat ear-like flakes, and so on. This food festival has a diversified range of delicious food, which makes everyone happy with their stomach. Everyone appreciated the company's efforts (all food costs were subsidized by the company).




Photos posted by Slkor employees in their WeChat Moments


This snack festival is not only a feast for the palate but also for the quality of life and health of employees. It effectively enhances the happiness, sense of achievement and sense of belonging of employees. In 2023, Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.com.cn) and Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) will leapfrog the competition and be ahead in the industry. The company will continue to step up its recruitment efforts with an expected doubling of the number of employees. The administrative department of Kinghelm & Slkor will continually organize interesting activities to help employees relieve their work pressure, creating a harmonious, warm and happy working atmosphere, and delivering valuable contribution to the development of the company in 2023.




Laughter and fun at the Kinghelm & Slkor Snack Festival

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