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Memories of May Day Basketball Practice Matches with My Father, Song Shiqiang

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Name: Song Yuanming

Position: Sales Manager, Overseas Sales Department, Kinghelm

Native Place: Sichuan Province, China

Vision: To enhance foreign trade performance, forge a brilliant chapter, and solidify the foundation for the overseas expansion strategy of the electronic components supply chain, as well as Kinghelm's path to internationalization and technological innovation!

After the Renaissance basketball game, Song Yuanming received an award and was interviewed


During the "May Day" holiday, my father, Song Shiqiang, and I went to the basketball court together, immersing ourselves in the joy of playing basketball. During this father-son practice session, he not only shared the joy of playing basketball with me but also imparted many valuable basketball skills and tactical knowledge, emphasizing the importance of on-court positioning and seizing key opportunities during the game.


My father, Song Shiqiang


Firstly, my father, Song Shiqiang, pointed out that the area under the basket has the greatest scoring potential because of its proximity to the hoop, naturally increasing the likelihood of scoring. However, this also means that there is immense defensive pressure in this area, as opponents will exert their utmost effort to defend. In such cases, players with sturdy build and strong power are more suitable to excel here, as they can leverage their physical advantage to push aside opposing players, creating opportunities for shooting or layups.


Furthermore, my father mentioned that although there are fewer scoring opportunities outside the three-point line, the defensive pressure is relatively lower. After all, three-point shooting is more challenging, and not every player can consistently make long-distance shots. Therefore, this position is more suitable for players with precise shooting skills to take advantage of moments when opponents relax their defense and attempt perimeter shots. Of course, seizing rare opportunities for open shots outside the three-point line also comes with its opportunity cost because scoring opportunities depend more on the player's accurate shooting technique, which also means that the player is foregoing the high-probability scoring area near the basket.


The inspiring determination of my father, Song Shiqiang, on the field


My father, Song Shiqiang, also emphasized the importance of seizing the right opportunities during basketball games, in addition to choosing the right position. For instance, swiftly passing the ball when the opponent's defense is lax, timely feeding the ball to a teammate in a favorable position, or launching a fast break when the opponents are fatigued or their attention is scattered. The precise execution during these critical moments can greatly influence the course and outcome of the game. However, each decision carries an opportunity cost; opting to pass means forgoing the chance to score oneself, but facilitating higher-probability scoring opportunities through passing cooperation ultimately contributes to better team performance.


During this practice session, my father also taught me how to improve my shooting accuracy. Initially, I could only make 2-3 shots out of ten attempts, often relying heavily on luck. However, with my father's careful guidance, I learned to maintain a stable shooting posture and wrist action, practicing various shooting techniques including spot shooting and pull-up jump shots after dribbling. Now, I can consistently make more than half of my shots, significantly improving my shooting percentage.


Furthermore, my father personally taught me the power techniques for layups in three steps, demonstrating how to utilize the momentum from the first step to maintain stability in the subsequent two steps, and finally, to explosively jump vertically on the last step to fully exert force and complete the layup. Initially, my layup motion was stiff, and the rhythm was inconsistent. However, with my father's repeated corrections, I gradually mastered the essence of this technique, transitioning from fluent movements and a reasonable rhythm to ultimately achieving a smooth and natural three-step layup, greatly enhancing my shooting accuracy.


Taking a group photo to commemorate the revival basketball game


Playing basketball has numerous benefits. Firstly, as a competitive sport, it helps to exercise the body, enhancing cardiovascular function, promoting blood circulation, while also burning calories and aiding in weight management. This sport requires a high level of coordination and reaction speed, contributing to improving personal flexibility and coordination skills.


Secondly, as a team sport, basketball is conducive to fostering teamwork and communication skills, while also strengthening leadership and team spirit. Through the victories and setbacks in games, we learn how to manage emotions and cope with pressure, which is beneficial for both mental health and emotional management. 


Song Yuanming (far left) taking a family photo with his father, Song Shiqiang (far right)


"The 'May Day' basketball practice will surely become a precious memory we share! My father, Song Shiqiang, manages and oversees the long-term investment of two international high-tech companies, Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) and Slkor (www.slkoric.com), often working over 15 hours a day. He frequently stays up late writing articles and researching, leaving us with limited opportunities for emotional exchange in our daily lives. This rare 'May Day' extended holiday allowed our family to spend relaxing time together. During this time, my father and I exchanged basketball skills and had heart-to-heart conversations, not only improving my basketball techniques but also strengthening the emotional bond between us as father and son. Moreover, my father's guidance extends beyond just technical aspects; he also taught me how to observe the flow of the game and make the wisest decisions based on the on-court situation, which has helped enhance my observational skills, understanding, and adaptability."

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