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SLKOR starts the entire network promotion

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The SLKOR brand was founded in 2005. After years of painstaking management, it started with a relatively simple series of products such as SiC (silicon carbide) MOS field effect transistors and SBDs. Now it has developed into a relatively complete and well-known brand in the power device industry. .

After more than ten years of hard work, slkor (www.slkormicro.com) has been recognized by many customers, and it has continuously improved in product quality and cost performance. At present, SiC silicon carbide diodes, SiC silicon carbide MOS tubes, IGBT single tube, high school Low-voltage MOS tube, COOL MOS tube, power management IC, Hall element, thyristor, diode and other series of products, widely used in fast charging PD, adapter, LED driver, inverter, power tools, home appliances, sweeping robots, Outdoor waterproof power supply, LED advertising screen, electronic cigarette and other markets.




Slkor office environment

In order to fully open the market, slkor has launched a network-wide promotion plan that has been prepared for 3 months, mainly including the following aspects:




slkor brand operation:

Through the Internet publicity SEO optimization technology, the number and ranking of SLKOR website keywords, so as to increase the coverage of the product in the whole network and the promotion of brand influence. At the same time, we also use the WeChat public account "Silicon Carbide Expert", Sacco Micro's official Weibo, Baidu Know, Baidu Tieba, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Experience, Sina Blog, Sina Weibo, Toutiao, Big Fish and other high-weight platforms to improve the website traffic, brand awareness and reputation. Of course, it will also improve the conversion rate and sales of Saco Micro products through bidding promotion platforms such as Baidu Search, 360, Sogou, and Google. So that the end customers of Saco Micro can directly find the relevant personnel of the company or the agent, serve customers faster and better, and increase sales.




Layout ecology:

While SLKOR is selling SiC semiconductor products, it is also working with cree, Infineon, IR, rohm, SILAN, TOREX, Allegro, STMicroelectronics, Huangshan, Nexperia. Cooperate with manufacturers and agent solution providers of brands such as World, CJ Changdian, PANJIT Qiangmao and so on. It has achieved good results in supporting sales with their MOS tube field effect tube, power management IC, Hall switch, thyristor, diode and triode.




Online sales:

SLKOR models are used in the following related products, PD fast charging SL80N10F, PD SL40N10; adapter SL7N65F, adapter SL10N65F; LED driver SL7N65F, LED driver SL10N65F; inverter SL13N50F, inverter SL18N50F; power tools SL100N03Q, power tools SL80N03Q; home appliances IGBT, home appliance SCR BTA08-600; sweeping robot SL17N06D, sweeping robot SL11P06D; synchronous rectification SL80N10F; outdoor waterproof power supply SL13N50F, outdoor waterproof power supply SL13N80F; LED advertising screen 13N50F, 13n45, LED advertising screen 13N80F; electronic cigarette SL150N03 and other products in Online sales, agents Lichuang Mall (www.szlcsc.com), Huaqiu Mall (www.hqchip.com), Yunhan Chip City (www.ickey.cn), Ai Sourcing (www.taoic.com), Wanlian Chip City (www.hqbuy.com), Hard City (www.allchips.com), Oneyac Mall (www.oneyac.com), Huaqiang Electronic Network (www.hqew.com), IC Trading Network (www.ic .net.cn), Alibaba 1688 (www.1688.com) and other online platforms sell well.


It is believed that SLKOR can grow into a towering tree under the background of China's rapid development and the development policy of a scientific and technological power. SLKOR always adheres to the business philosophy of quality first. From IP design to wafers to packaging, Slkor requires excellence in every link, and always takes customer confidence as the top priority. Therefore, SLKOR brand products are constantly enriched, and the quality is guaranteed. All kinds of products meet the global environmental protection requirements, and hope to develop together with our customers.

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