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Congratulations to Cheng Tong on being awarded the Star of the Week

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From July 1st, 2024 to July 6th, 2024, Kinghelm and Slkor "Star of the Week" was awarded to Cheng Tong, a sales representative at Kinghelm. Cheng Tong was recognized by colleagues for diligent work ethic and steady performance improvements. Innovatively leveraging personal IP strategies on Douyin, Cheng Tong consistently produced high-quality content aimed at achieving company goals. This dedication earned unanimous praise from company leaders and colleagues. Cheng Tong is hereby publicly commended and awarded a bonus of 200 RMB.


Cheng Tong awarded the Star of the Week by Kinghelm / SlkorMicro


Cheng Tong, as a seasoned sales representative in our company, excels in communication, articulating his viewpoints clearly while attentively listening to Kinghelm's clients to swiftly reach consensus. His patience and perseverance are evident in the challenging and demanding sales processes of the electronics industry, requiring continuous client follow-up and sustained business development efforts. Over the years, Cheng Tong has accumulated profound expertise in understanding the dynamics, product characteristics, and market trends of Kinghelm's electronics sector, enabling him to offer tailored professional advice and solutions to clients.


He demonstrates exceptional self-management skills encompassing time management, emotional regulation, and self-motivation, enhancing his efficiency in task completion and actively contributing to the talent pool by mentoring new hires. Continuously striving for personal growth, Cheng Tong adapts to market fluctuations and evolving client demands through ongoing learning and skill enhancement.


Cheng Tong upholds a positive mindset and strong professional ethics, approaching each client with integrity, professionalism, and accountability. His work demeanor remains proactive, optimistic, and constructive, fostering excellent team collaboration to achieve collective goals. Cheng Tong's distinctive approach on Douyin, producing innovative and engaging content, has significantly increased views and followers, showcasing his dedication and creativity.


Having evolved into a pivotal asset for the company, Cheng Tong's recognition as "Star of the Week" underscores his valuable contributions to Kinghelm's business development, leveraging his intellect and commitment to excellence.


Cheng Tong, Business Manager at Kinghelm


Kinghelm, introduced by Song Shiqiang, states that GPS antennas and Beidou antennas used for vehicle and smart terminal navigation positioning are mutually compatible. China's Beidou System BDS666 antenna operates at the following frequencies: L1 - 575.42 MHz, B3 - 1268.52 MHz. The frequencies for the American GPS antenna are: L1 - 1575.42 MHz, B1 - 1561.098 MHz. Additionally, compatibility exists with Russia's GLONASS and Europe's Galileo systems. Within the same system, parallel operation is feasible. Kinghelm's antennas support three-mode and four-mode configurations, compatible with navigation positioning products from MTK, u-blox, and Huada Beidou.

Kinghelm provides customers with comprehensive microwave radio frequency signal transmission products. Their Beidou-GPS antennas receive and transmit satellite signals, with RF signal transmission typically achieved through coaxial cable connectors, IPEX connectors, SMA connectors, and Type-C connector connection line products. Kinghelm offers custom production of Beidou BDS ceramic antennas, GPS ceramic antennas, embedded GPS ceramic antennas, external GPS antennas, GLONASS external antennas, and WiFi antennas. Their Dongguan Tangxia laboratory features a full anechoic chamber, network analyzers, high-low temperature test cabinets, and other instruments for high-temperature, dual-85 testing, independently completing product testing, debugging, and sampling.


Their production base in Luzhai County, Guangxi Province, boasts multiple automated assembly lines, fully equipped with automatic wire cutting machines, terminal crimping machines, and assembly machines. Technical and managerial staff trained and assessed at headquarters, alongside well-trained operators, ensure timely delivery of high-volume products with quality assurance. Invested by Song Shiqiang, SLKOR Semiconductor (www.slkoric.com), offers diodes, transistors, power devices, and power management chips, expanding into Hall sensors, ADC, BMS, and other new products in recent years. Together with Kinghelm Electronics, they provide comprehensive support services for electronic assembly companies, serving as partners for over 15,000 clients worldwide.


Popular Models of Kinghelm


Kinghelm and SLKOR Semiconductor cultivate a vibrant and creative team culture. In addition to weekly Star of the Week awards, the company regularly hosts tea parties. Mr. Song Shiqiang leads colleagues from Sichuan and Chongqing in networking events like the "Chuan-Yu Joint Semiconductor Association," and organizes the annual "Hometown Cuisine Festival" each spring. The company has also formed the "SLKOR Warriors Basketball Team" and the "Kinghelm Badminton Team," fostering team-building and sports exchanges among colleagues. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also strengthen friendships, making the Kinghelm and SLKOR team dynamic and cohesive.


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